Merchant Data Corrections

(Jamie Penman-Smithson) #1131

I think that the 3D Secure approval is before any merchant enrichment has taken place, I never see logos on the merchant for 3D Secure approvals.

Out of interest, what does the merchant look like in the feed after it has been approved?


That’s correct 3D doesn’t come off the normal merchant information and can’t be changed by cops. I think @Rika posted some things about it but basically it currently doesn’t use the enrichment data

(Rika Raybould) #1133

3D Secure’s merchant enrichment is effectively just a saved list of where the tokens got used after verification. It’s about the best we can do given the limitations of the protocol and data we receive. :disappointed:

If you send me a direct message on this forum with the email address you use to login to Monzo, I can get the merchant ID for this payment processor excluded from enrichment matches. :+1:

It’s worth noting that by the standard, payment processors should register a new merchant ID for every single merchant using their service but unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case here.

(Kieren) #1134

Is there any reaso Direct Debit merchants can’t be changed? It really bugs me how a transaction with DVLA displays as “DVLA” where as a Direct Debit shows as “Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency”. I would rather both were “DVLA” as the full name gets truncated!!

(Sam) #1135

My Direct Debit for car tax shows as DVLA. Is your Direct Debit for something else?

Also, on Android at least, I get the option to submit merchant feedback for a direct debit (once its come out).


They should be changable. I’ve changed a DD before? You have to ammend it in the transaction feed though.

(Kieren) #1137

This is for my monthly instalments of tax too - I’ve submitted the merchant feedback on it several times, and dropped it into a chat I was in for something else with COps but no dice :confused:

(Rachel Raybould) #1138

I love Monzo trying to put a logo on this online tattoo shop. Try 2 and it’s still not correct.

(Herp Derp) #1139

I think everyone should just stop submitting logos to things till it just becomes a mess to the point Monzo will have to fix it.

(Splodf) #1140

I’ve just had a bunch of my submissions done. All logos now correct but the locations have changed and are now wrong.

(Splodf) #1141

Could this info be crowdsourced and entrusted to the community, like Wikipedia, but within the app. Letting Monzos users make changes to the records.

If someone constantly makes malicious changes, ban them from doing it using a simple reporting system. It’s not like trolls can circumvent a ban and open another account.

It seems silly that cops time is taken up doing this when it feels like we’re the only ones who actually care about it day to day, we also have the manpower to make it work.


(NM) #1142

With the number of novice coders and programmers combined with number of professional developers on this forum or the slack
You could easily crowdsource it and automate and develop it.
Plus it would be a cool side project for a lot of us. Just look at the uptake from the Receipt API release.

(Nick) #1143

Sent a Facebook logo in for Art Bar in Dundee, and instead it’s been updated with the Twitter logo from a bar in Singapore :roll_eyes:

(Thanks whoever fixed this!)


I find that logo suggestions are implemented quickly but corrections to vague (map zoomed out) locations never are. Also merchant not stacking issues are not being addressed. I raise them in chat and feel like I’m being fobbed off.

(Nick) #1145

If you think the occasionally flip-flopping we get with edge cases at the moment when one COp interprets a submission differently from another COp is bad, you can only imagine how many magnitudes worse it will be if the information is crowdsourced and you have a hundred different people interpret edge cases in a hundred different ways.

The parts crowdsourcing will make easy, I think COps are already more or less on top of. The parts COps find tricky? Crowdsourcing will only make it worse.

Systems need accountability and accuracy or things will flip-flop back and forth or worse. Crowdsourcing isn’t, to me, the answer to that.

Ideally, there would be a team in Monzo of, say, the equivalent of five or ten @RachelRaybould’s. Their main job may not be merchant data, but: (a) edge cases and disputed merchant edits will ultimately be referred to them, (b) they’ll be able to take the time to carefully research and figure out the right edits to make (or not make, as the case may be, and - most importantly - © they’ll be able to flag or ‘lock’ the merchant to some degree or other in order to prevent accidental roll-back or erroneous edits.

(Nathan Steer) #1146

I agree that a wikipedia-esque crowdsource updating system would cause more problems than it would solve.

But what if something akin to the Google maps location update functionality was provided?

Anyone can suggest an update, but this update is then verified by asking other people in the area if the suggested change is accurate.


It seems as though the delays have crept back in again. Has anyone had anything updated recently?

(Nathan Steer) #1148

I gave up trying :frowning: Merchants that have no data tend to get sorted pretty quick, but most of the corrections I’ve requested just haven’t happened at all.

(Simon) #1149

I submitted some last night at around 1am and some have already been updated some haven’t.


What is the nature of the updates? Just logos or more than that? Thanks.