Merchant Data Corrections

(Peter Shillito) #1110

I sent a logo update for a Bandcamp artist (android52) and someone changed both the logo and the name to a generic Bandcamp one. I am furious! :angry::angry::angry::angry:

(Nick) #1111

It doesn’t really make any sense to me to have Bandcamp split up by artist. I understand there’s a difference in the way the platforms work, but from my perspective as a customer it’s just a digital music platform like iTunes.

(Paul) #1112

I must have sent about 5 corrections recently and none have been updated :confused:


I have searched but couldn’t find a definitive answer.

I made a purchase via PayPal (they were essentially just the payment processor, came straight off my Monzo card)

Transaction info says PayPal then Supplier Name. Logo showing is PayPal - I have submitted a correction to change to the retailer, but is the likely to change or are all PayPal transactions just going to be lumped into one category?

(Lancelot Payne) #1114

It’s unlikely that it will get changed as PayPal is a whole thing you pay through that it makes sense that it stays as PayPal as it will just get really confusing and messy, unless it was a single seller and you paid them directly then it might look a bit different.

(Sam) #1115

I have had one of these in the past and it was updated to the actual merchant rather than PayPal. As long as it’s visible in the transaction detail that Monzo can see then it should be fine.

(Peter Shillito) #1116

If you paid using your card then it should become the merchant if/when someone at Monzo processes the name/logo. If you paid using the “bank account” feature of PayPal (which uses a Direct Debit agreement) then it will just say PayPal.

(Mark) #1117

I am also finding updating location data and logos incredibly frustrating as I submit time after time and nothing gets updated.

An example of which I visited a resteraunt called El Patron in Evansville Indiana USA and Monzo changed this for me to El Patron Londres … thanks!! I have tried repeatedly through the app and through COPs and was helpfully told to submit updated data by using the improve location and logo feature on the transaction. As a beta user of Monzo I don’t particularly like the scripted responses!

I also had my Nisa Local transactions changed to Costcutter again COPs told me to suggest and update in app. I argued that these transactions should be not changed without fact as if this is the case the location and place of transactions is wrong which could lead to confusion and also for someone who needs a statement as proof you at least want your spend to be accurate.

So onto my suggestion, could we not have the submission of logo and location to be all combined with a free text box to at least explain to Monzo why you are submitting the information and what the issue is currently? Submitting location blindly repeatedly obviously doesn’t work.

(Lancelot Payne) #1118

You’re not alone I’ve had some of mine changed and that was a few weeks back and that was it nothing after that it’s got to a point were I’m just leaving it now and if I get annoyed enough I’ll open up a chat and ask them to update a bulk of them if they have the time.

Since there’s no dedicated person for it now like there was a few months ago it just seems to go into a backlog of things to do and is leaving a fair few our feeds looking messy and incorrect I just want it to get the love it should get and not be completely pushed back.

Also Amazon, The Co-operative Food, Nisa and other big chains should get confirmation before changing the logos and names I’ve got co-ops on my feed that are all the same which I know is not the case.

(Mark) #1119

I couldn’t agree more! My view is a bank should display correct and accurate information. Especially for transaction queries and for fraud purposes.

My legacy bank is playing with merchant data and adding logos but is currently bank led and cannot be changed by crowdsource data which seems a sensible approach. At least I know my transactions are displayed accurately.

(Colin Robinson) #1120

This is what annoys me - things that are submitted and corrected but then lose the logo later on:

(NM) #1121

I assume they’re all the same Thread(website)?

(Colin Robinson) #1122

Yes, the details at the bottom are all either starting THREADCOM THREAD or just THREAD.

The latest entry starts the same as the previous two.

(NM) #1123

That’s so frustrating, is there not a back end that matches all of these together and consolidates it

(Nathan Steer) #1124

From what I understand, that can be done but at the moment is a very manual process.

There is a new merchant enrichment tool in the works (seems to have been in the works for a long time though :eyes:) which I believe aims to streamline that.

(NM) #1125

Personally I would have just run a word matching piece of software… you could even just GREP it and do a non exact match(or alternatively hard code all of the Thread variants to = thread).
Slightly more sophisticated you could use an opensource match-sorter
If the old system was/is being redesigned from scratch it would be cool to opensource it and let the community get hold of it and see what they could mod.

(Rachel Raybould) #1126

Thread is a merchant that has had some issues a lot before so just send them in. Unfortunately they like many other merchants change so don’t go in the normal way.


Another month, another completely different (and incorrect) company for AllPay on the 3D secure page:

This has been wrong and different every single month since 3dsecure was enabled…

I’ll ask again, can AllPay and potentially other payment processors, just have the processor name on the 3d secure? It’s a million times better than a completely random company name.

I’ve been told before this will/should be fixed but obviously someone is updating the information here and overwriting previous staff changes.


Unfortunate as it is, i don’t think these are seen as a high priority in Monzo to fix. I.put through some fairly basic ones in January, but nothing giving.

I suppose it’s a question of either resetting our expectations - or speaking to Support if it’s really annoying you.



I don’t know why it’s not higher priority, it’s not like a logo is wrong, the name during checkout is completely wrong.

If HSBC displayed the wrong name on 3dsecure I wouldn’t continue. So I don’t think we should change our expectations on something like merchant names being completely incorrect.

I’ve now learnt to ignore the merchant name on 3dsecure.

If my rent website gets hacked, or someone gets subject to a phishing attack, how would the user know it’s the wrong company if the merchant name is always changing?