Merchant Data Corrections

(Nathan Steer) #969

Let the riots begin!

(Hugh Wells) #970

Shouldn’t be - merchant data will only be done on weekdays though


But… won’t that cause a backlog to form over the weekend?

(James Murray-Ferris) #972

I think showing how much it’s not a priority

(Rachel Raybould) #973

When I worked at Monzo I didn’t do them over the weekend. As long as you don’t leave the backlog for a long time it is completely fine.

(Rachel Raybould) #974

Thanks for confirming for everyone. :hot_coral_heart:

(Jai Sullivan) #976

I think this is interesting :thinking: Is there a specific reason (now that Rachel has sadly left) that Monzo don’t have someone on merchant enrichment full time? I appreciate it’s been noted in the past that it can be quite laborious but there’s always someone who enjoys different types of tasks/responsibilities :smiley:

(Hugh Wells) #977

We essentially do :slight_smile: But full time != 7 days!

Back office tasks like merchant enrichment tend not to get done 24/7 unless the queues are low, purely because those shifts are less popular so there are less people on them and frontline customer support is more important :slight_smile:

(Neil M) #978

Laborious tasks, Spotify premium and a good set of headphones and you’re golden :joy:

(Jai Sullivan) #979

It sounds quite appealing and therapeutic to me :joy::eyes:

(Jai Sullivan) #980

Understandable! Thanks as always for the transparent explanation, Hugh :facepunch:t3:

(Charlie) #981

@Rika - could we have something done about the merchant data for services?

This transaction was at Costa but the ID says roadchef and it keeps swapping Fromm Costa to WHSmith to Roadchef. Anyway to lock it down once verified?

It really confuses me sometimes, I’m like “when did I go WHSmith??

Also the location name “Somewhere on Earth” isn’t very helpful :confused:

(Michael) #982

Seems that all shops at all Roadchefs across the country show up the same

Went to the WH Smith at Roadchef on M6 Toll and it is continually shifting around the country and between WH Smith and Costa Coffee

I believe some coffee machines are similar

(Michael) #983

Asked a few times before and would be good to know if there is as way to do this :slight_smile:

(Hugh Wells) #984

@Modo Please could you DM me your email address and, if you have it, the transaction ID :slight_smile: I’ll get this fixed :+1:



(James Murray-Ferris) #986

I love how all my merchant data updates are just being ignored these days :roll_eyes:

10 updates over the course of 3 weeks and none of them actioned

(Nathan Steer) #987

starts to chant
who do we want?
Rachel Raybould!
When do we want her?

(Only available in amateur ) #988

How do people have so many that need changing? Think I’ve only had 3 ever


I wonder this too! I’ve only requested two and both were changed very quickly.