Merchant Data Corrections

(James Murray-Ferris) #889

Do you still support Instagram ones? I’m desperate to have one updated and they only have Instagram and no Twitter :sob: and we go there all the time!

(Rachel Raybould) #890

Yep we do all logos now!

(Rachel Raybould) #891

I have to admit I did not do that.

(James Murray-Ferris) #892

I’ve just submitted it Bradshaw Bros could you do it for Me :smiley:

(Rachel Raybould) #893

Doing backlog so when I see it I will make sure it’s done!

(James Murray-Ferris) #894

(Only available in amateur ) #895

If I submit this can I get the number taken off and just leave it as Primark?


(Rachel Raybould) #896

Yeah I will move it to right merchant area.

(Neil M) #897

I tried the whole reverse geolocation using co ordinates. It would seem it doesn’t help the situation. If anything what would be useful is if you could sync the payment with a Google ping. So that they happened at the same time.

(Andrew Ross) #898

Submitted two this morning for Conkers Discovery Centre. Comes up on Monzo as Planning Solutions Limited. Also submitted Logo separately @RachelRaybould

(Rachel Raybould) #899

Hi everyone, just to let you know it’s my last week here at Monzo. Let’s get all these changes done and end on a high!
Thanks :hot_coral_heart:

(Only available in amateur ) #900

You’ve been great and will be missed. Good luck with whatever you do next :heart:

(keithy) #901

Oh no Rachel. The place will fall apart without you! Best of luck :grin:

(Lancelot Payne) #902

Rachel you’ve been an absolute legend with the merchant data wish you all the best in the future this place won’t be the same without you.

(Colin Robinson) #903

So sorry to hear you’re leaving - thanks for all your hard work in keeping our feeds prettified. :christmas_tree::+1:

(Lancelot Payne) #904

UberEats came through like this today it’s worked in the past so don’t know why it’s broken all of a sudden.

(Rika Raybould) #905

Uber (Eats) UK changed the format of their transaction description yet again. I’m on holiday until January so am unable to fix the enrichment rule for them again until then. :grimacing:

(Lancelot Payne) #906

Ahh now it adds up enjoy your break and will be looking forward to seeing this sorted out when you’re back in January

(Rachel Raybould) #907

Last few days. Any annoying ones that won’t change?

(Tom) #908