Merchant Data Corrections

(Lancelot Payne) #668

@RachelRaybould Seems as though the address is constantly jumping for Selecta is there any way to lock this and just keep the name as Selecta as mine hasn’t been updated from shop direct yet

(Rachel Raybould) #669

Pm me tomorrow when I am working and we can sort out the best solution.


What’s the current way of dealing with wetherspoons pubs without a logo at the moment?

(Peter Shillito) #671

Last time one came up, I just messaged support and they added the logo and name.

(Lancelot Payne) #672

Perfect I shall do that for you :slight_smile:

(Aimee Challenor) #673

Hi @RachelRaybould, I’ve put one through for Virgin Trains West Coast which kept coming through as either LNER or Virgin Media. Thanks for your amazing work!

(Rachel Raybould) #674

I am doing backlog today but when I see it I will give it a good look for you!

(Peter Shillito) #675

Here’s one for everyone, what should the Co-op be called? I’ve got a mix of “Co-op” and “Co-op Food” and I’m not sure which I should report for changes…

(Rachel Raybould) #676

Well Co-op is a funny one. Since they are different chains depending where you are. However if it is a basic Co-op send it in for changing.

(Peter Shillito) #677

Yes, I am aware of different Co-op chains (Central England Co-operative, etc) but I don’t know which way around to report…

(Rachel Raybould) #678

If it is Co-op food vs Co-op (written like that) then request to change to Co-op please!


(Tom) #679

I sent through a link to an image for a logo the other day, but it’s not showing up yet. Can I ping it over again?

(Rachel Raybould) #680

Yep :+1:

(Rachel Raybould) #681

Looks all ok from my side. Have you tried restarting?

(Tom) #682

Done, thanks!

Is there a concensus for how London Hackney cabs (black taxis) should be displayed? It’s showing up in my feed as “Cmt Uk Ltd Taxi Fare”, and their logo. I assume that’s their payment handler/processor?

(Rachel Raybould) #683

Yeah send that in and I can make it look better.

(Tom) #684

Just showed up! Thanks :smiley:

(Tom) #685

Done! Thanks again. I’m assuming the map view won’t actually show where I was dropped off/paid, will it?

(Rachel Raybould) #686

No it won’t :sob:
EDIT: Maybe it might. Idk never been in a taxi before.

(Tom) #687

I’d guess not, as that would add loads to your database, if it did that for every person/journey