Merchant Data Corrections

(Nathan Steer) #568

Sent :slight_smile:

(Rachel Raybould) #569


(Nathan Steer) #570

Awesome, it’s updated in the app, thanks :heart: :blush:

(Tom) #571

I sent a couple through yesterday with twitter accounts. The name/address has been updated, but not the icon.

(Rachel Raybould) #572

send them through now. I will see to the change.

(Tom) #573

Done, thanks!

(Rachel Raybould) #574

Should be done :crossed_fingers:

(Tom) #575

Thanks! Looks like the museum one worked, but not the other. Will keep an eye on it!

(Lancelot Payne) #576

Can confirm this has been updated :smiley: just saw it update on mine too <3

(Rachel Raybould) #577

We have new BizOps trainees in at the moment so be gentle on Merchant Reviews.

(Lancelot Payne) #578

Just a heads up I sent one through earlier for insert coin for a logo change but ignore it please as the logo has loaded up my side now

(Dave Berry) #579

Uh oh, logo wars

I’m a CofE Vicar and not an employee. But I do get paid through the Church Commissioners who run a central payroll function for clergy. I submitted the CofE logo, but it’s now changed to the Church Commissioners logo, which is not pleasing!! If I submit a change to move it back and one of my colleagues changes it again what process is there to prevent logo wars?


Can we see a comparison? :grinning:

Edit: oh, nevermind - just looked up the Commissioner’s Twitter.

Edit: oh, it’s intentionally slightly squished.

(Sean) #581

Just my opinion but the logo requests shouldn’t be applied if they’re wrong. Sounds to me like the Church Commissioners logo is the correct one for your pay (even if it’s horrible :joy:)

(Rachel Raybould) #582

War of the logos!

(Jai Sullivan) #583

Morning @RachelRaybould :wave:t3:

I have two Movember transactions over the last few days, the first looked all good (name and logo), however the second doesn’t seem to have the same merchant information. Any chance it could be looked at please? Thanks as ever!

(Rachel Raybould) #584

Yep submit it and at 8am I will start! Whoop Whoop

(Kevyn) #585

This us what I don’t understand.

Why does Amazon Music, or Kindle (as I posted previously) need their own merchant logos and entries to Amazon? They are not separate merchants, they are Amazon. Amazon Music and Kindle should be linked to the Amazon merchant ID and it should just say Amazon.

Maybe its just me but it should just be kept simple.

(Rachel Raybould) #586

Good question!
I think because more and more customers wanted it we chose to go down that route. Same with Apple and Itunes and so on.
I will give it an ask at work though incase I am wrong.

(Nathan Steer) #587

I would argue the separate logos make it a bit clearer at a glance exactly what you have spent your money on.