Merchant Data Corrections

Trainline has the right logo but a lowercase ‘t’ - I know it’s small but pretty annoying and only a recent change :pensive:

Eurgh, it seems Merchant data’s getting worse! :frowning_face:

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Yeh it’s getting much worse

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They use a lower case “t” in their branding, so I’d imagine this could be seen as correct?

Oh, that’s true. Just checked their Twitter. Guess I’ll get used to it then :sweat_smile:

Soo these have totally broken for me. Even a delete and re-install of the latest TestFlight, now nothing has a logo.

How does one fix that?

Amazon displaying fine for me on iOS

Sammmme, all good here. On TestFlight too

So they re-appeared today. I can’t say why they did, but good to see them back

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DVLA been updated again



Amazon has always been ok for me. although I noticed Amazon charges appear as Amazon/Amazon Digital/Amazon Fresh but all share the same image

Disney+ changed to Disney Store again

Same here too

1 Like logo has suddenly changed to the French “20 ans” logo from a couple of years ago. This is in my connected Barclaycard account.

Have you put a change request through for this? I know that there’s been a lot of work on improving the flow of connected account merchant feedback.

Yes, I’ve reported it in-app.

Monzo ya did it! :raised_hands::partying_face::tada::clap: