Merchant Data Corrections

It’s a joke at this point don’t even care how long it takes just make sure it’s right and it doesn’t constantly get changed.

But what’s to say you’re right and it should be Ola and not Ola Cabs?

The logo is what is on their website. They call themselves Ola Cabs and that’s their website.

Looks to me like it’s correct now.

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I don’t get how these are being updated. Dan said they’re being done oldest first. But none of my old ones were done. I resubmitted them, and still none are done. It seems to be totally random.


Not saying I’m right or I’m wrong that’s not the point it’s the constant bouncing back and forth that’s I’m what’s trying to get across.

Can concur with this. Patch plants has now been fixed. Was done in a matter of minutes of me reporting it in app. My old ones meanwhile, which I highlighted earlier in the thread are still yet to be corrected.

Their system clearly isn’t working as intended.

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May be a stupid idea, but hear me out:

We can already report a merchant as having the wrong data, so for the ones where its being reported multiple times, can the user not have an additional optional screen in which the recommended changes for that merchant are listed and the user can select the one it should be changed to? After a certain period of time and/or votes, the most voted answer is the one that applied to the updated merchant data?

Will surely take some strain off the teams who are having to sift through hundreds upon hundreds of reports, think of it like when Google asks you randomly if the address for somewhere you’ve been recently is correct for example because its previously been changed and/or reported as wrong.

Sure, manual approval of the one deemed the correct one through votes may still need validating, but surely that would relieve a lot of the manual workload? I don’t know if Monzo Time is still a thing but if it is, I’m surprised nobody has looked at semi automating it or at least using user knowledge more to validate the reports?


Crowdsourcing merchant data is the way to go, I have long thought that


Seems like the logical step in my opinion, rather than expend resources on how they do it now, just leave it as it is being pretty much near crap as it has been for 3 years now and put the resources into creating a way to crowdsource the data.

Sure, there’s the degree of determining whether the correct data has been chosen or not by the people, but more often than not the correct info is going to be chosen, doubt there’s even a negligible case for people to try and “sabotage” the data either, but that being said, its why I think some sort of manual Monzo validation should take place just in case.

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Or they could do local caching/cloud-based backups (iCloud/Google Drive) so everyone could have whatever they want in app

How does this actually work, from a logical point of view?

Is there, for the most basic explanation, a table of what the merchant comes through as (the text at the very bottom of a transaction) and then what you want that to display as? And staff are updating those tables for each and every request?

That would be a bit chaotic tho surely? God forbid someone for whatever reason messes about and changes the local name of a direct debit merchant to something different and then loses that merchant when they actually try to find it again in the future?

Also, changing it locally surely would cause an issue when getting a bank statement as they won’t be the same in the app and on the statement, assuming Monzo used the provided data and not the user set for the statement.

This is my thought, if it is then just make it a screen in app where users can pick what they deem to be the correct one from that very table.

God, I could just imagine how arduous that task is for them in house

We’re supposed to move it into the correct “group” so that all the merchants are together. If we don’t do this then you’ll see things in your details like only shopping at Lidl 5 times but you’ve got 10 transactions and so on.

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Thanks Dan.

So to follow that, if I get one that comes up Lidl-726 then you move that into the Lidl group?

For the above ones that are changing back and forth, is that because they aren’t being added to a group?

Crowd sourcing the management of this opens up a whole host of other issues/abuse. We discussed this at length earlier in the topic and there were just as many pros and cons to what we have currently


On the Lidl part - 100%. On the others, I can only speculate but that explanation makes sense :+1:t3:

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Perhaps a similar system to discourse trust levels?

Then again, perhaps not, else the feature will wind becoming an @Ordog dictatorship. Just like how a single flag from you hides a post, a single correction from you will change it for everyone! :joy:

Here’s a very rough mockup of how i envision my feed if such a trust based crowdsource system were to exist:


Hahaha it was only for that week I had that ability. I guess someone was just tweaking the settings or something :sweat_smile:

Merchant data for the most part is spot on for me too. So I wouldn’t be much help :-1:

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I’ve just sent one in for my employer, it’s payday and the names wrong and the image is blank. Not sure what’s spurred on the change as it’s been fine for the last 15 months. See how long it takes to change back to normal :crossed_fingers:

Was Prime Video and now it’s changed to Amazon Digital