Merchant Data Corrections

I’ve not seen them refuse? just that they’ve switched priorities? :confused:

I think, after all these years, that counts as refusing to change the system… :roll_eyes:

Not sure why you’re eye rolling at my response? :confused:

I seem to remember at the end of last year they were going to build a better system but as I said, priorities changed. So acknowledgement and a desire to change it does not equate refusal in my book and I haven’t seen such words mentioned?


That depends on how you want to spin things I guess :man_shrugging:. I could justify either interpretation.

This thread was started 2 years ago and, even back then, the problem was long running.

Here’s the original post:

I’ve reported this stuff loads of times before and tbh I can’t be bothered to look for those threads so I’m gonna make a new one
Anyway this merchant data fail is really taking the piss now, this was and always has been The Slug & Lettuce yet all of a sudden it’s some random bar in Copenhagen!!
I really do fail to understand how a place can all of a sudden change to something else, is there no manual checks in place or no system locks once verified?
It really does defeat the point in having instant notifications when you cant even get the locations right!

That could’ve been written today - the problems with merchant data continue.

As @Ordog rightly acknowledges, Monzo have chosen to work on other things, so, yeah, I think it’s fair to say that monzo have stubbornly refused to make any improvements to this system.


Not sure why you’re repeating yourself, you already said all that?

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I submitted Morrisons Petrol Station, they have the pride logo on their twitter but at least its not some old logo.

(The store in question has the old logo sill present on petrol pumps but not anywhere else)

At least its not the old 3 - H3G or our favorite the co op

At least nobody has changed morrisons to safeway yet.

Good point! I also wondered if there’s a difference in merchant data when a purchase is made on a laptop/desktop and on a phone? :man_shrugging:t3: I just don’t understand why it’s so inconsistent.

I think Emma do something similar with their logos and custom merchant names, though you’re strictly limited to Twitter for logos and they don’t bother with the gelocation stuff (unnecessarily hard work, imo).

A system that allows users to customise their own feed, then “crowdsources” data for everyone above a certain threshold seems easily the most sensible to me.


Good idea. Can’t say I’ve ever cared about the address given with a transaction apart from when they’re wrong.


I like how Microsoft can populate company logos with no issues, maybe Monzo should pay them to do it,

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Where is this from?

Looks to be emails?

yes from outlook

To be fair, if you’ve got a domain name (which you’ll grab from the sending email address) then it’s much easier to come up with a image automatically, even if it’s just the website’s favicon.


Then maybe Monzo should look to do that and once the domain has been submitted it is checked and locked.

And what if they don’t have a domain?

What if there’s variations?

You’re still going to get the some people on here acting like Monzo are murdering children for not updating an icon quickly enough.


Things like Amazon, Uber, UberEats, Apple, Microsoft, Co-Op all have domains though

If it is a global brand then there should be no room for errors.

UK/smaller brands/companies then use Twiiter etc. same with local brands/companies

There’s no reason (afaik) that a transaction would come with a domain name attached. That’s why this is not a trivial task for Monzo - the quality of data they receive is low and seems to vary wildly.


But not all. And the transaction isn’t tied to a web url.

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