Merchant Data Corrections

Got another good one. Name not fixed, but my exclaimation that the transaction was online has been approved as a street address.


I noticed something similar today, there’s a map, and someone has just changed the address to ‘ONLINE’.

Is no one at Monzo checking these before approving changes?


Apparently not. What I can’t understand is the address being (wrongly) updated but the name not.

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I’ve had it the other way, too. A correct address, incorrect name. I send a correction, and then they fix the name but completely break the address (“Somewhere in EXACT ADDRESS”). It’s frustrating.


The problem is though, where to draw the line? Should Google Play and Google Adwords also be the same because they are both Google? Even though they are for totally different services.

I give a :+1: for treating identical, recurring payments differently, such as Apple Music.

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My preference would be for the merchant name in Monzo to be the same, regardless of what’s purchased - for example, Amazon use a different merchant ID for Kindle book purchases, but I’d want it to be listed as Amazon rather than Kindle in Monzo (which I think it is thank goodness!).

With you on this one when they moved away from the whole iTunes side of things it did show up briefly as Apple before someone somewhere decided change back to iTunes and it’s never been the same lately :pensive: so hopefully it will get changed back to Apple and stays that way.

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I’d rather it be branded Apple rather than Apple Music, iCloud etc. In any case Monzo wouldn’t be able to tell the difference in the services subscribed to would they?


Big APPLE.COM/BILL news - we’re halfway there! The logo has been updated to the correct Apple logo, but it still says iTunes…


Haha yeah noticed it the other day slowly but surely getting there.

I’m not sure why I bother reporting tbh. Used my card at a Lidl earlier, that I’ve used lots of times before, and now it comes up with no logo just a general category logo. Looking through previous transactions for the same store there are two other logos used and 3 different addresses! Give up.

This is because they’re using different merchant information each time, and so they’re recorded on the system as such.

If they used the same data each time, it wouldn’t be so difficult to keep on top of it :frowning_face:

I’ve noticed that some transactions are updated really quickly, and some not ever. Any idea why that may be? It’s not even controversial things


Holy moly, someone’s on the ball this evening. I put in a correction for Oculus (was a random bunch of numbers and letters and no logo), and in the time it took me to create a link, send it to my mum and navigate back to my feed it got fixed :exploding_head:

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Can’t help but just laugh this was perfectly fine the other day and now this WTAF.


I have been reporting three merchants for months and nothing, I reported a new one the other day and itwas changed the next day.

The inconsistency of this is infuriating.

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Whereas I submitted one yesterday which was sorted in less than 5 minutes!

I’m not sure how any COPs would not know Amazon prime

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I’m baffled myself it was literally fine like a day or two ago then boom this crap happens again actually can’t keep up now.

Apple is a joke, make your mind up Monzo. Same goes for Microsoft!