Merchant Data Corrections

The problem is that the merchant string tends not to mention eBay, it comes through as something like PAYPAL *MERCHANTNAME 0000000 GBR. Monzo doesn’t have a way to know which are eBay and extracts the merchant name like any other PayPal transaction.

(I think it’s possible to checkout without using Paypal now, but the same basic problem occurs)

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I’ve one that has been slowly driving me around the bend.

The payment is to the compass group and it used to show up as the compass group, it then changed to HMS Sultan and now Leicester City Football Club.

I’ve raised this more than a few times, I keep being told it’ll be fixed or is fixed but it’s not.

I don’t live or work anywhere near Leicester, so it’s very confusing but I feel like it’s never going to get fixed.

I imagine Compass run the cafe/catering at Leicester City - I know they do at HMS Sultan because I used to deliver there.

Someone’s used their card in the cafe and then submitted merchant data not realising it’s outsourced to a big company that runs hundreds of other sites.

There should be a solution where companies like this come up either like an online transaction or just with the head office as the address.


As you say I think it used to come up as the head office registered address at companies house , and then customers look at their feed and say hold on that’s wrong, submit the change of location, it gets changed in good faith by Monzo , then somebody else submits in another location , gets changed again …etc etc … I agree use the head office address for me, but to shoot a hole in my logic Sainsburys comes up as my home store address …hmmmmm… but rather than keep submitting to be ‘ignored’ by Monzo - users should be informed by Monzo “head office address” , but there again that confuses the nice little spending summaries , location maps etc :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

Yes, I thought that was probably the case. It doesn’t come up with a map however the data at the bottom of the transaction indicates the transaction was processed by a terminal on the site that I’m working out, as for me that can be one of two and neither are near to the club.

I can see what’s happened but I’ve repeatedly given the details for the compass group, plus they said they altered something specifically for me while they review the request but nothing has happened.

To me it feels like they need to vet these requests better, so this doesn’t happen. It’s confusing, my year report with Monzo lists the club and I’ve never set foot in the place.

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This is the nature of my second complaint with Monzo now.

I have been told twice that it is a merchant problem and not a Monzo problem :see_no_evil: :confounded:.

Adam D. Horden

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Any news on yours? My, ‘Shell’ that’s actually the BP on the other side of the road has been nearly two weeks.

Maybe it should display your submission’s number in the queue?

If I go to the Shell garage on the way to work and the BP garage on the way back for a few days my feed just says:

  • ‘Shell, Shell, Shell, Shell, Shell, Shell’

All the way down, it’s driving me nuts.

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Here’s one that’s been bugging me:

Should really be Avanti West Coast at this point. Been trying to get it corrected since I made the transaction, with no luck :sob:

It’s the same on mine and it randomly got changed a while back then I managed to get it changed back when it was still Virgin Trains but with how merchant data is at the moment you’ll be lucky if it gets changed this year.

So when using the app the transaction comes through as an online one which is right but for some odd reason when using the website it comes through with an address which shouldn’t be the case so I’m just hoping this gets sorted out properly.

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I had the same thing the other day. There should be a button or something to say ‘This should be an Online Transaction’. There’s no way to flag that, currently. I tried typing the note in the Twitter field :man_shrugging:t2:


Either someone at Monzo is trying to be funny or someone’s having a really crappy day. For some reason all my Graze transactions went from Online to somewhere in London (I forget where). So I thought I’d submit a request in the address edit to see if Monzo would see and flip the switch back to Online. They went one better…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Does anybody here ever get LinkedIn showing up correctly first time. It clearly says LinkedIn in the payment thread at the bottom of the screen, but every time it’s a mess. :man_facepalming:

Was thinking how it’d be really good if Monzo implemented some kind of user trust system (similar to Waze, maybe), where when you hit a certain level of changes which had been accepted, any future changes are applied automatically (with someone Monzo-side reviewing sporadically)


Honestly believe this is the ideal solution.

It really would be a win win:

  • Takes away the pain of slow updates
  • Adds to feel of engagement for User
  • Lets COps get on with proper customer service


  • Why are my Greggs purchases now showing as I bought them from ‘Shit Pies’?
  • Oh, here’s another cock in the merchant photo
  • Why has this been changed from Apple/iTunes to iTunes/Apple again?!

Crowdsourcing may have its place, but I don’t think this is one of them. I’d much prefer Monzo to get around to updating their merchant tooling and making it easier for COps to deal with reports quickly and accurately.


My Shell that’s actually BP still hasn’t been updated.

Interestingly, I was speaking to customer services on the chat yesterday about something else. I asked about the merchant data correction, he said he’d fix it. Then a few seconds later came back and said he couldn’t fix it because it’s a major company and changes to big chains have to go through extra verification. He said that’s probably why it’s taking so long…

Which again begs the question, how did it get changed to ‘Shell’?

I’ve noticed recently that Online merchants aren’t getting updated (all the ones I’ve been submitting anyway), but I’ve had a couple of ‘physical’ transactions get updated already.

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So yesterday ordered from Pizza Hut via their website and it’s come up with a location when clearly it was an online transaction so it just seems a lot of these are just being missed and therefore don’t look like they will be getting updated anytime soon.

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Ok seriously, the very variable speed of corrections is one thing, but then I see an entire company actually getting changed to the wrong name for a single location…

If it is a low priority then please do not rush to change large companies please!

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