Merchant Data Corrections

Great update, thanks for taking the time to share. Looking forward to seeing more developments with this in the, hopefully, not to distant future


So I purchased so Vans today and it came up as Northface. I use the Apple Pay payment method integrated into Safari to purchase

Any reason the merchant is totally incorrect

I seem to remember Vans are owned by the same company who owns North Face - they own quite a few different outdoor brands including Timberland (can’t remember their name though). I guess they’re using a centralised system to take payments.

Ah yeah that would make sense

Would be nice to be able to differentiate

Just to cross link with Chase topic, the more I use them the more impressed I am with their merchant information.


Thanks to the COps who have been beavering away

There has definitely been some steady progress into the backlog this week and even some icon updates!


Nice to see that some merchants are getting updated and logos added only problem now is some are getting reverted back to old logos like O2 for example it was the blue background logo now it’s the old white one


I think all the big players (like O2) should be locked.

Just go to their website, see what they’re using on there - set it and lock it. Accept no further requests to modify it.

It’s rare that these logos change because of the costs for the company to update it across everything.


Google have it like that…

Which I believe is pulled from and set by their website - so it must still be used.

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Yup! We’ve seen so many times in this thread people going back and forth changing things, someone else disagrees. Wastes so much time and it never pleases everyone.

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Fair play I got to used to the blue version lol :rofl:

Wow merchant data (small Bristol indie) from 2018 has been updated :clap:


Did you resubmit? (Or are the working through everything outstanding in chronological order? :scream:)

Submitting a request because it’s using an old colour background on a company logo is…such…a…waste of everyone’s time. I bet a load of these are the reason the team is overwhelmed and can’t do things like input a logo where there is none, or fix a totally incorrect name (ie not just “they put instead of Company”)

None of mine have been fixed.

Question for people on here: do you submit every wrong merchant? Or just merchants you might go back to (I do the latter).

I used to submit any. The untidy feed used to drive me insane!


Controversial suggestion: but maybe we should only be allowed to submit a correction once we’ve visited the merchant twice?


Every wrong one, but more for completeness and benefit of others more than anything

The desire of Sainsbury’s to continually change the merchant data for every terminal at every branch, even ones I have been to, is my current nemesis. Not Monzo’s fault that one, but I cannot help but feel that there should be a standard system, maybe company registration number or similar


Or you can only submit the same transaction once.

Not allowing to report until you’ve been twice won’t work. Not for the tiny errors but the big problems. I’ve got ones that show as completely different places.