Merchant Data Correction Delays

(Adam Kendrew) #104

Yup, I’ve submitted all my feedback for the transactions I’ve made in Crete and they’ve all changed. They even applied the Spar logo without me submitting it!

(Boris Johnson's Hair Dresser) #105

Go away!!! :rage:

(Boris Johnson's Hair Dresser) #106

I know what I am gonna be doing tonight lol

(Adam Kendrew) #107

We live interesting lives! :wink:

(👨‍💻) #108

Is this using the Twitter usernames? Or Facebook etc?

(Boris Johnson's Hair Dresser) #109

Ok I think it broke coz nothing is changing now :joy_cat:

(Adam Kendrew) #110

I didn’t submit any logos, just merchant names. When I submitted the name change for Spar they changed the logo themselves.

(Peter Shillito) #111

Well, I had to ask on chat a couple of days ago to remove the logo for a Japanese yen transaction I made for ValueMall as it was (and still is) showing the Plymouth University twitter icon for some reason lol.

Some of the other logo changes I submitted have changed, but the one I’ve been submitting for months hasn’t. Guess I’ll submit again…

(Boris Johnson's Hair Dresser) #112

Well I dunno what happened yesterday but it appears what ever it was has now broken as I submitted loads and 90% have not been done.

(Hugh Wells) #113

These are all manually reviewed, by the way :slight_smile: I understand the frustration here but I sit next to the people who review these and sometimes it can be really difficult (with the context we have) to work out what should change, and how.
We do need to improve the internal tooling to make it easier, but I would ask that you remember that there are humans sitting on the other side of the screen trying their very best for you :blush:

@Danny @theshillito Please could you DM me any you feel have slipped through? :pray:

(Boris Johnson's Hair Dresser) #114

I thought it was fixed as it was going through so quickly lol

No point in DM’ing you mate as I was just doing clean up’s :slight_smile:

(Rachel Raybould) #115

Hi, :wave:
The Benly Express one should update soon and I will look out for the other ones when I see them.

Thanks for your support!

(Mo) #116

Silly question, when a merchant logo is updated, does it just fix the one I reported or should it correct any historic instances please?

(MikeF) #117

It will change the display for every transaction for every user who has dealt with that organisation.

No pressure… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Some really old ones might not change since I think they used a different system for storing the back in pre history and so don’t have all the fields they now use)

(Mo) #118

I’ve only been with Monzo a few months, so assumed they all would, but only the very recent ones have. Doesn’t matter much :slightly_smiling_face:

(MikeF) #119

I think some older ones may be cached on your phone (so not redownloaded every time). Logging out and back in again may sort those out if you can be bothered with email links etc!


After we went #fullmonzo in July I spent a good hour or so going through our transactions since the switch, updating anything I could that was incorrect or missing a logo.

Weeks later some of them have been updated and other haven’t, which is somewhat frustrating and makes me not want to bother in future, but what I have noticed is that any GoCardless transaction (a Direct Debit processor that’s popular with gyms, kids clubs and other such small businesses) is now showing as being from Momentum (some political grassroots movement it seems). Obviously someone’s sent feedback for a single GoCardless DD and it’s been changed across the board for all GoCardless transactions, seemingly without any checks being done beforehand. :angry:

It’s particularly annoying in this case because my gym has been overcharging me and I’m trying to get a list of the payments together. If it wasn’t for the DD reference number I’d have trouble showing that it’s the right transaction.

I’d be all for the proposed super-user scheme as it would free up valuable COps resources, and as someone who’s a stickler for accuracy I’d be happy to contribute. That and/or a lockdown on properly verified merchants so that they can’t suddenly change to something else under our noses.

(Peter Shillito) #121

My experience seems to be that, unless it’s a major chain or otherwise in central London, the merchant data will probably be wrong. I’ve been doing my bit for merchants in The North :tm: and with online retailers from Japan (if/when they’re accepted) but pretty much every new retailer I buy from (and sometimes a different terminal from the same retailer) I have to submit something for lol

Amusingly, I had to submit a change for EasyHotel South Kensington, but because that’s in London, it got changed pretty quickly lol

(Rachel Raybould) #122

Hi, :wave:
@maximumfish can you please PM me and we can get this all sorted. If something was reviewed manually wrong I would love for us to work it out so we can solve it once and for all for you.

(Kenny Grant) #123

Thanks for looking at this. Since you’re looking at this HAM in West Hampstead is also wrong, listed as ‘Ham Holy Burger’! I reported and the icon was deleted but the name is still wrong.