Merchant Data Correction Delays


Mine are all done as I always ask nicely if not done.

(Kelvin Papp) #65

How do you raise them out of interest? I just submit via the app. Is there a more reliable / efficient way?

(Andy) #66

I think you can also go via in-app support

(Jack) #67

So we are saying the process is basically the same? No initial notification it’s pending etc? What info can you submit?

(👨‍💻) #68

I cannot bring myself to contact in app support to discuss a logo change. I’ve always used the support team to help in emergencies and general help. I just can’t justify contacting in relation to these issues.

Has Monzo advertised that this is the role of the support team if you contact them directly with logo requests?

(Colin Robinson) #69

They wouldn’t have this at the bottom of every transaction if they didn’t want you to use them:

(👨‍💻) #70

I’m fully aware of that.

What I meant by contacting in app support is opening a dialogue with a monzo member of staff to get a logo change. I believe this is what the guy above meant as an alternative way of getting a logo changed.

(Kenny Grant) #71

thanks for being so open and honest about this.


I’d be up for this :slight_smile:

I’d stop me being bored, that’s for sure.

I’d re-write the merchant system for you right now, I’m so bored :frowning:


I think that depends on the person. I think there’s quite a few people in the world that would find something like that relaxing and not tedious at all.

(Nick) #74

You might want to look into an ARG called Ingress, specifically the ‘Operation Portal Recon’ (OPR) part of the game. ‘Portals’ are locations in the game that the player interacts with, and OPR is their way of crowd-sourcing updates to the portals. It’s not a million miles different from merchant feedback reviews, and they’re getting people to do it for free (they get in-game badges for being good reviewers, but still, for free).

My point is, there are people who will take on tedious tasks. Not least because some of them actually enjoy cataloguing data. You probably could hire a number of dedicated people to work on it. Maybe not a few people 9-5, but if you hire many people on an hourly rate (so they could do an hour or so here or there) that might work.

Certainly, I’d be interested. Don’t let my first paragraph above mislead; I wouldn’t do it for free. But I’ve spare time in the week that a job like this would appeal (especially if I could work from home).


I do OPR @HoldenCarver :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nick) #76

:rofl: Probably shouldn’t surprise me, given your previous post in this thread. :sweat_smile: Resistance, I hope… :grimacing:


Yup :slight_smile:

(Simon B) #78

It’s been literally years since I played Ingress, but I was really into it back in 2012/2013.

I played Enlightened at that time. I even remember playing it in Las Vegas and Toronto when I was in those cities in 2013.

(Jack) #79

Just thinking a small win for me would be as you type in the @ twitter handle it comes up with the logo etc below or a list of matching handles to the account you’re entering.

It would be easier than confirming if it’s right on the Twitter app then jumping back to Monzo.


I hope they use the data from what people hash tag things for subcategories in the future. Categories within categories and more metadata is exciting. But yeah, I think the whole system for merchant data obviously needs an overhaul.


I submitted one yesterday afternoon, which is now fixed.


I think they do it to troll us still @danny

(Andy) #83

Time for my weekly re-submission of wrong merchant info and missing logos! :no_mouth: