Merchant Data Correction Delays

(John Biondini) #628

OMG, can’t cope! Thank you for all your help, Rachel & team.
I just found what to do during my lunch. :joy:

(Rachel Raybould) #629

My team is back to one again :sob:
I assume I am going to get many now…


Sent a URL to test this now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(John Biondini) #631

I mean, no rush! This was a great update. :slight_smile:

(Rachel Raybould) #632

Can you pm it to me as it is too long and can’t highlight due to overlapping.


Have also sent a url for an image. This is great if we are no longer restricted to twitter :smiley:


Sent in the ones I had that have been logoless thus far :+1:

(Sam H) #635

I’ve just resubmitted Aqua. No idea if there’s a logo on their site that’s usable, but I thought I’d submit it anyway!

(Rachel Raybould) #636

Tell me if that one worked. Got an error on my side but dk if it would still work. If not submit again and will have another look.

(Sam H) #637

Still showing as the Mastercard logo for me.

(Rachel Raybould) #638

Send in again please.

(Sam H) #639

Done :smile:

(Rachel Raybould) #640

Check for me.


Great news! I’ve just sent a couple in too.

(Sam H) #642

Still nothing unfortunately :frowning:

(Rachel Raybould) #643

One last time! Have plan 3 ready

(Rachel Raybould) #644

Plan 3 looks successful from my side…

(Sam H) #645

Still nothing on my side :disappointed_relieved:

(Rachel Raybould) #646

Give it a restart :crossed_fingers:

(Sam H) #647

I’ve force closed the app and restarted my phone… still nothing :frowning: