Meanwhile can you consider Canada please

Hi Monzo,

I found out about your app by following a youtube programming tutorial channel from one of your employees. Your app seems awesome and it’s such a shame Canadians can’t access it.

  1. Canada has one of the highest bank fees in the world.
  2. There’s some online banks, but none of them have the kind of infrastructure like Monzo. They’re basically traditional banks but operating online. Some doesn’t even offer a debit card and you still need a traditional bank account if you ever want your money out.
  3. The US has quite a lot of (cheaper) banks and other alternative apps (Venmo). Your team has probably done more corporate planning and researched the US market more thoroughly than I did.

Monzo’s US launch is going to keep you busy for a while, but please consider the Canadian market. :heart::canada:


You’ll be pleased to learn then that at the end of Tom’s (CEO) speech on Saturday he mentioned that after the US they’d be looking at the Commonwealth, then specifically mentioned both :canada: and :australia: - so fingers crossed, it may well come true!


I was just talking about how frustrating the big 5 banks in Canada are, and even my mom who banked with one of them for many years agreed! Looking forward to it!


Going there from the UK was quite a shock for me! If I end up moving back hopefully Monzo can get there first… or even better let us have global accounts!