Meals thru the day


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Mine on a day I work

3AM Coffee and Cigarette

8AM Sausage, Bacon, Egg Beans Hash Browns and Monster Ultra Zero

4PM Cottage pie or something else I can do a tray of, put it in the fridge and then microwave. (This is pizza on my work day before my days off)

When i’m not at work alot of ashai super dry and vodka at night

You wake up at 3am, what time you go bed then


I don’t sleep, when i’m not at work I stay up all night and sleep in the day.

Breakfast: 2 pieces leftover Victoria Sponge

Lunch: Chips with brown sauce, side of pasta with ketchup

Dinner: salted vinegar crisp sandwich (white bread) followed by Black Forest gateau


Breakfast - buttered bagel and huel
Lunch - huel and a cream egg
Dinner - fried aubergine and cheese sandwich +cheese and advocado sandwich. +Fried beatroot.

No desert yet…

Damm I like your sweet tooth. I will have my cheat day next week on My birthday

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Fruit jam in the victoria sponge, tomatoes in the ketchup and cherries in the black forest gateaux

Congratulations that’s 3 of your 5 a day


Spam spam egg chips and spam

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8am protein shake. Peach and apricot flavour. Yum yum

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Followed by 10 scrambled eggs in an hr or so for breakfast

I’m on the Butterfield Diet


6am chicken salad with diet irn bru for breakfast

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Guys, how to lose weight? I need to lose 10 lbs

Well you’ve lost 5 so keep doing whatever you’re doing


Use more calories than you put in, basically. Eat sensibly, and exercise. I drink Huel [referral], because it’s tasty, it gives me enough slow-release energy to workout hard at the gym, and I know how many calories are in each serving.

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There is only one effective way. Eat less, eat healthier, move more.

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