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Is anyone going to watch a midnight showing of Endgame?

(James Amey) #42

Definitely. I may have already booked this off.


My class at university have already all agreed to book it the second it’s up on the cinemas website :eyes::eyes:

Luckily for us we’re all night owls so midnight showings are easy.

(James Amey) #44

I have a ritual with an old friend that has us go to every big film midnight (Star Wars episodes, Avengers films) and the inbetween films when possible. I love a Midnight.


Definitely a good idea, defeats spoilers if you spoil them first :wink::wink:

Midnight showings are the superior ones, anyone who disagrees should fight me. Wide awake then and you’re the first to see it, only hard thing is getting a taxi at 2-3AM :unamused:

(James Amey) #46

Midnight showings are amazing for large films. Just for the atmosphere.

But they do usually always mean you have to see the film twice to catch some of the dialogue immediately after big moments.

As for taxi’s… I drive! :joy:


Can’t drive if you’ve just had a mini heart attack because half the people in the film died :thinking: I’m not bitter.

Yeah everyone is more susceptible to shock at 1 in the morning so in the film you get people that sound like they’ve just been stabbed when something happens lmao. Waiting to be let into the film is also great, and the hype around the beginning of it. Especially since the marvel films normally start with something gripping.

I’ve never had this issue with films besides Big Stan but this is sure annoying with TV shows so I’ll give you that, it’s still a small price to pay for the midnight showing though



(#savetheseabass) #49

Is there any day that isn’t improved by Deadpool?

(#savetheseabass) #50

Went to see ‘Spider-Man: into the spider-verse’ today. It’s so, so good. Took a while to get used to the comic book style crossover but after half 20 minutes I stopped noticing. Soundtrack is brilliant too


Yeah we saw it last week. It’s very pretty to look at, and the soundtrack is indeed banging.

I ended up buying all the 2011 miles morales comic collections when I got home…