MBNA & Monzo Plus

Monzo Plus looks like a great Idea. However I think I’m right in saying. In order to connect an MBNA credit card you need to be paying for Monzo Plus . But this isn’t the case to connect say Natwest, Santander or RBS.

My question is why effectively charge for MBNA but not others or do I have this wrong?

I’m pretty sure you used to be able to connect to some banks for free before Plus, but its now a Plus feature, at the same time they added new banks/credit cards.

Edit to clarify as @Ordog says below, it was rewritten rather than just having new banks added.

P.S hey fellow MBNA customer :grin:

There’s lots of discussion on this in the below topic:

Basically Monzo have written their own integration system which is far superior to the clunky free one that everyone else uses. It can (and will) be expanded on to allow you to do more things too, like pay directly into your account.

The connected cards system was re-written so the one you’re using currently as a non-plus subscriber will soon be retired.