Maximum loan?

We are treated differently, and that’s fair. We pay up to 45% income tax and don’t have access to child benefit or a tax free allowance. In my opinion there’s nothing inherently wrong with earning a lot and paying your dues in an honest way.

If you want to pick a fight, @tbutz, please pick on Boris Johnson’s ridiculous plan to increase the higher rate to £80k. Demand justice for corporations and executives jumping through tax loopholes. And demand that Companies House start checking the information they’re provided and put an end to the easy money laundering we’ve enabled in this country. :heart:

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I’ve been offered the full £15,000 it was £7,500 month one then £15,000 month after at 3.2% and then today I’m not eligible for anything despite my credit score not changing. Not sure what’s going on with them to be honest…