Maximum balance

Just wondering when the maximum balance will be lifted so I can have a higher balance. 10.000 is ok but sometimes i would like to keep a bit more in.

It is because Monzo are currently in Beta with a prepaid card.

Once the current account is launched with a full debit card that restriction will be lifted.

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Considering that Hugo even designed this mock screen of the app, I think it’s safe to say that the full current account will be capable of holding balances above the £10,000 limit currently imposed on the prepaid card.

For now though, I’d be concerned if you were holding a balance anywhere close to £10,000 in any prepaid card when considering the lack of FSCS protection and the limitations of the beta program. :worried:

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:mondo: does say to get in touch with them if the limits are to low for you.

£10,000 is too low!? The most I’ve ever had on my card is ~£250!! :expressionless:


But buying a ticket for a trip to the international space station, the odd spare Bentley or two, or paying to refuel your plane…


Monzo probably wouldn’t work on the ISS due to the inability to do online transactions.

But I volunteer to be the first user to try.


I volunteer my ex to try it out :joy: