🇲🇺 Monzo in Mauritius

(Charlie) #1

I am planning a trip to Mauritius, and I was wondering whether my Mondo card would work there. Although travel websites say that MasterCard ATMs are widespread, I cannot find it listed on the MasterCard exchange rate list here. Is Mondo the best way of getting cash, or should I bring GBP/USD and change it there?

Travelling With Monzo: Africa
(Andrew Ross) #2

I don’t have experience in Mauritius but I would also take some cash as backup. Generally the Mondo card has been very reliable abroad although some countries are better than others obviously. I currently using mine abroad and getting a much better exchange rate than anywhere else.

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Hey @xsanda, it should work if there are MasterCard ATMs there but no guarantees – I’m not sure if anyone on the forum here has been to Mauritius yet… :slight_smile:


Happy for you to send me on a fact finding mission.

(Lee Barnsley) #5

Heading there in 5 weeks, and taking my Monzo card with me. Will report back :sunglasses:


Just came back from Mauritius, used the card in both ATMs and in hotels. No problems at all.

(Colin Mead) #7

Will the card work OK in Mauritius.

(Alex Sherwood) #8

I’ve moved your post here, judging by the feedback from other users, it looks promising :tada:


I was unsuccessful at both withdrawing cash at a MasterCard ATM and paying in the Spar with my Monzo in Mauritius.

(Jaspreet Bhatia) #10

we were there last month, used it for payments in a hotel and some shops, worked with no problems.