I’m in need of a new mattress.

Eve, Casper, Simba (pretty much all) memory foam mattress makers are offering discounts at the minute and I’m wondering if anyone has bought or used and returned any from these makers before.

My current mattress is memory foam and I’ve had it for quite a long time now. It’s served me well but is in need of replacing. Pretty much all the above makers offer 100 days money back guarantee but there is quite a variation to the price for the same size (need a uk double).

If anyone could recommend one over the other or have any tips/tricks please let me know. I don’t know anyone that has tried any of these mattresses unfortunately.

I have an Otty and it is the best mattress I have ever had. A little firmer than the others apparently. Their pillows are very very good too.

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I’m not a big fan of memory foam as I find it gets too hot for me, so I can’t give advice if you’re specifically after memory foam. That being said, I ended up getting a Premier Inn bed for Christmas and I love it!

EDIT: Just the mattress I mean. I got the bed from British Heart Foundation.

I’ve got a Simba mattress. I really like it and it has been really hard wearing. We’ve recently got the Simba Outlast duvet (HotUK deals £250 down to £65) which also seems to be very high quality.

I’m very happy with my Simba.

Does anyone know anything about their 10 year guarantee? What does it cover?

Love my Eve, all of these types of mattresses also have a 100 day ‘try at home’ and I was tempted to try them all but I didn’t.

We got one of the bundles from Simba when they were on offer. 1 year on and still love it!

Highly recommend the pillows too!

Have had an Otty for 5 nights! It’s meant to be a little stiffer than the others. It’s amazing!

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I second the Otty recommendation. I specifically chose it because everyone said it was firmer, and was very happy to find that for me its perfect.

I got a pair of pillows free with mine, and they’re pretty decent. Probably wouldn’t have bought them separately if I had to pay for them, though, so jolly glad they were chucked in free.

I’ve got a casper. I love it! I’d say it’s medium but my other mattress was too soft so it is more supportive (I had back pain which has gone!)

I ordered mine from Amazon as there was a deal going on. It arrived a day later on a Sunday! You can sleep on it the same night (but it was definitely comfier the day later)

I’m currently sleeping on one of Casper’s Essential Mattresses (has a couple less layers than their top tier). This was an upgrade from an old spring mattress so the instant comfort difference was immediately noticeable. I’m not sure if the extra cash for the additional layers from their other version would have been better. I would have liked to try it out but never thought to use their 100 day return at the time.

Has anyone tried a Nectar Mattress? They have a 365 night trial and a lifetime warranty.

Did an online chat with Otty last night and they offered to price match (at £419 from £500) but I don’t get their two free pillows.

Has anyone managed to get it cheaper? (How?)

Are the pillows worth paying the extra £80 for?

I’ve got an Eve arriving today, actually. Their 30% off sale they have on at the moment is a bit of a no brainer.

Had an Otty for 8 months now, best mattress I’ve ever slept on.

After some research, it sounds like the 10 year guarantee isn’t worth much because (reading online) People have had massive issue proving manufacturing faults and don’t get anywhere with these companies after a certain amount of time.

There’s a lot of love for Otty

They all look really similar with a different side colour and logo.

I wonder if they’re all made centrally and just given a different casing, it does seem like they are just in a bit of a marketing battle!

I thought this too, but after watching a few videos, some have pocket springs in them, some are memory foam, some are a soft feel with “Zones” and some firmer feel with more bounce.

I have spent a few hours looking at differences now :joy:

Me and my wife have been using a Casper mattress and pillows for just over a month now.

It’s very comfortable. My wife would often complain about back pain, I don’t think I’ve heard a peep about it since we started using it, my back also feels infinitely better as I would occasionally get pain.

I feel like the amount we both need to sleep has reduced by about 2 hours a night, too. We can go to sleep at 11 and often find ourselves waking before 6am and it’s nowhere near as difficult to drag ourselves out of bed either. I feel more awake now during the day generally. Comparatively, on our previous mattress we would go to bed early, and struggle to wake up early, personally speaking as someone who has always thought I just needed a lot of sleep in general, this is great as have got more time awake to be productive.

The only criticism is that it can feel very hot in the mornings, but I figure if being hot was an issue, it would keep you awake during the night, which it doesn’t in mine and my wife’s case. It’s probably just a sign we should be getting up anyway. We switched from a thinner duvet and it’s eased that issue in any case.