MasterCard exchange rate app/script?

Anyone know if this exists? I know there is a website but it’s really clunky on mobile when I want to do a quick conversion.

I use vert but it shows bank rates so it’s not too accurate.



The mobile version of the Mastercard tool seems to work pretty well ( It’s a bit of a pain not being able to type the currencies, though.

I’m not aware of any other tools to view the Mastercard rate, though.

That’s the one I don’t like. Thanks however, was wondering if there was something that made it easier. Thanks for the help however!

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Well now I’m wondering how difficult it would be to scrape that page or use a private API (I notice a call made to;transCurr=GBP;crdhldBillCurr=JPY;bankFee=0;transAmt=100/conversion-rate on that page if I try to convert 100GBP to JPY but I think it uses cookies to limit access…)

Thanks. I was looking at building a script with python but then started doing sites so I don’t have anytime.

Maybe I’ll take a look after my exams.


Sounds like it’s not free, but that would work.

I have an account with them but never got to writing the script.

I look at doing it when I have spare time but don’t really have too much anymore :pensive:

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: