Massive Distributed Monzo Meetup

(Max Walker) #1

So, I’ve taken some inspiration from previous posts about meetups…

So at the moment everyone tends to attend a meeting in some kind of meeting space in one place around the country at a time and we vote on it.

What about having simultaneous meetups, I’ll clarify…

So instead of sending let us say four monzonauts on a train up the country somewhere from London, what about sending two to one place and two somewhere else i.e. one Manchester, one Cardiff (location doesn’t matter for now).

And with the magic of the internet and teleconferencing you can reach twice the people with the same number of monzonauts, presentations and questions can be streamed between the two locations and you can perhaps introduce some element of competition between the sites (best suggestion for something or whatever).

Now to expand this further you could roll in the support to smaller monzo meetups theyve been pushing (i.e. maybe providing organisational support, some goodies or whatever) and have those also connect via the interweb. The result being that youhave a distributed monzo meetup with big meetups hosting the monzonauts and connecting to each other as well as simultaneous mini-monzo-meets that can also stream whats going on and pose questions.

Might be a good form of outreach

(Naji Esiri) #2

This is the dream :heart_eyes: Connected and complimentary community events up and down the country over the course of an evening! I think we’re a little while off making this happen - we want to get the live streaming format perfect first :slightly_smiling_face: Two simultaneous events would be a good place to start.

It would be really cool to have talks from people in each of the cities sharing interesting ideas and awesome projects they’ve been working on, scheduled throughout the evening. A viewing areas at each physical location would be cool as well as combined live stream so people anywhere in the world can tune in to proceedings from either site.

Watch this space!