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(Jack) #1

Issue: Marketplace icon covering figures.

Details to reproduce: If you are part of the marketplace beta and swipe between pots the icon follows whilst coving the figures of each pot. I’m not sure if this is a UI bug so to speak or if it’s going to be moved in the future once it’s out of beta but I thought I’d mention it anyway as to me it seems like it’s not intended.

OS: IOS 11.4

Device: iPhone 7

App Version: 2.2.0 #418


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(Starling Guru) #2

I also get this

OS: iOS 12

Device: iPhone 8

App Version: 2.2.0 #418



(Colin Robinson) #3

Same with iPhone X, also on iOS 12

The figures slide underneath the icon but it is a beta so this will probably change.


That’s how it’s designed :man_facepalming:

(Jack) #5

I thought that may have been the case, either way it doesn’t look like intended behaviour to me.

(Jack) #6

It’s been removed as the beta has ended