Marcus Bank

(Tom) #164

No. Open with £1. You have to link it to a current account though, and can only pay in/out to that account.

(Adam) #165

I’ve had a Marcus account since it opened. Just wondering though because I’ve not withdrawn from it yet. Does it take 5 or so minutes for it to appear back in your bank account? Just so I know for when I need the money.


It took around a minute for me.

(Adam) #167

Awesome, thanks.


I signed up today after seeing the hype on here, I don’t have much savings (by not much I mean none!), so the Monzo pot is no good for me. Hoping to build up some savings over the next few months and this looks like the best option at the mo, especially as there is min monthly deposit.

An app would be nice, but the website works fine with a shortcut to my homescreen :slight_smile:

(Andy) #169

Marcus bank really appeals to me however they don’t do joint savings :no_mouth: hopefully soon!

Lots of rumours that they will be Apple Pay Cash partner in the UK which is a good sign


Open two accounts with half in each?

(Andy) #171

But hassle!

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #172

I agree on the joint accounts! It’s almost perfect. Just given the wife the login details just in case. I’ll add her as a joint account holder when that inevitably becomes an option.

(Gordon Dack) #173

Looks pretty good on android too :slight_smile: Transparent logo

(Marc Dando) #174

For those who are already up and running, how long did it take for your application to be processed? I’m at that stage currently.

(Gordon Dack) #175

Within minutes it was setup

(Jai Sullivan) #176

Literally took me no longer than 3-5 minutes to register and open an account.


me too, setup and funded within 20mins


Depends whether or not they ask for ID for further verification or not. Most will go through quickly, but I was asked for further docs and was approved next day (applied on a Friday eve, approved Saturday).

(Jai Sullivan) #179

Does anyone know when interest is actually paid, is it just the start/end of each month? :moneybag:

(Jonathon) #180

It’s paid on the date you opened your account each month, or the next working day.

(Jai Sullivan) #181

Good to know, cheers! :smiley:


Up and running yesterday within 10 minutes.

(Jolin) #183

Glad to hear they are giving their ‘unencumbered by creaking legacy’ systems the weekend off. It would be disappointing if they were overworking the poor computers.