Marcus Bank


Ha, this was my first thought.

No App?? PAH! Disgusting…

The reality is… The website is very good and clean on mobile, and all you ever need to do is check your balance, and withdraw funds.

It’s really simple, and well executed.

Edit - Plus the web link shortcut looks nice.

(Ravi) #145

IMHO 1.5% with instant access is very decent in the current market. You can only compare against actual alternatives.

How not so long ago was your 5%?

Personally I’m really happy with Marcus. Super easy to open. Website is nice and simple and I don’t miss an app at all.

No brainier for throwing my spare balances over.

(Leonard) #146

I (on iOS) did the whole ‘add to home screen’ thing and it pretty much looks like an app - there isn’t much you can do on the website anyway. It honestly looks really good as it is.

(Jai Sullivan) #147

:joy: I’m glad I’m not the only one! Guess I’ll be signing up later then.


I thought for a moment you’d screenshotted my phone!

(Graham - Mental health professional) #149

It’s that simple, it might as well be an app. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jai Sullivan) #150

I’ve already signed up and began sending my funds over :smiley: Any idea how long it takes to show in Marcus? Transferred from Monzo around 15 minutes ago but balance still shows as £0. I think I’m just used to Monzo’s rapidness and probably being impatient.


The first transfer took about 30 mins from memory.

I’ve had subsequent transfers show from 1 minute, to 20 mins.

I’ve also seen people say it’s a little longer (possibly at weekends), but can’t be sure.

(Jai Sullivan) #152

Good to know, thanks @nickh!


I sent £1 first (took 5 minutes), then I sent my savings (took 15m)

(Jai Sullivan) #154

Yeah it didn’t take much longer after I posted here :slight_smile: All my savings now moved over! :tada:


Signed up and Marcus requested a copy of some ID and address documentation for verification purposes so I’ve called up and withdrawn my application.


Any particular reason why out of interest? (why you withdrew the application that is).

(Leonard) #157

Surely it’s a good sign that they’re asking for ID verification…? Curious to know why that’s a detractor.


They asked me for ID too when I applied: it’s for KYC & AML and is pretty standard. I uploaded ID and Monzo bank statement and less than 24 hours later approved.


I can feel a trustpilot review coming…

( #160


No review inbound haha and no reason other than couldn’t be bothered is all! Was just opening as I was curious, happy with where my savings are at present.



Some stupid questions as I don’t want to trawl through the thread. Do you need a minimum amount to open and maintain or to pay monthly?