Marcus Bank


Possibly at some point, but the website is designed to be very mobile friendly.

I’ve just created a shortcut to it from the home screen - It’s pretty much everything I need.

(Tom) #125

Think I’m going to sign up today, move over my savings from Starling.

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #126

I think there will be a flurry of interest in this over the next few days as early adopters see their first month’s interest paid. I for one have never really seen decent interest from any savings product and can’t wait to see the figure for the first month!

(Tom ) #127

A good lump of my savings were just sitting in a pot waiting to see what Monzo had to offer savings/interest wise. I’ve elected to put it in Marcus for the time being as it’s the best rate on the market.


1.5% isn’t decent! It’s artificially depressed because our government decided to keep giving the bankers our money.

Not so long ago, I had the proceeds of my house sale sitting in a bank account for a few months at about 5%. I was getting hundreds of pounds a month in interest. Sigh.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #129

lol not just our government :slight_smile: I remember egg at 6% before 2008 dropped like a stone in the matter of weeks


I put a few thousand in there - Can’t wait for my £6 interest.

I’m gonna treat the family to a trip to the cinema… I’ll only have to pay £50 of my own money… :joy:

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #131

I have 24k that was left over from an old mortgage. I want instant access to that money if I need it and I don’t believe there is a better product out there for my needs right now. I’d love to know if there is!


As far as instant goes, I think it’s the best thing right now.

I don’t have 24K, but what money I do have in savings I want instant access to.

Especially when the “locked in” accounts only offer a tiny bit more.

If someone came along with a 6/7% interest rate, locked in for 2 years… I’d probably stick it in that and make do.

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #133

It’s the simplicity and ‘no stringgs’ of Marcus that’s so attractive. I used to have an offset mortgage so my effective instant access rate was 4%, but we moved to a higher value property and that product didn’t make sense any more.

(Jack) #134

Considering opening a Marcus account based off the above, everyone seems to speak positive about their experience so far.

Maybe I’ll revisit the monzo saving pot once there are more providers and rates to choose from.

(Nathan) #135

Seems to be the general consensus.

Loving Marcus so far myself.

Hope a slow uptake in the Monzo Savings Pot won’t deter them from pursuing other partners (with instant access) for this as the want is there from the customer base

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #136

It was mentioned in another post about a ‘Marcus Pot’ in Monzo that is technically possible with open banking. Maybe one day…

(Jack) #137

I doubt it would as the market place is a major part of their business model. The more providers and intergrations to choose from the better all round imo.


But with open banking and the ability to move money programmatically, I can see current account providers being squeezed badly.

One day I’ll be able to keep my money in something like Marcus, and have some sort of super IFTTT looking at the monzo feed for upcoming spend and instantly transfer the minimum over to satisfy it.

Where do monzo get their money to loan out then?

(Tom) #139

I had a thought earlier, I’d love to see Starling offer Marcus via their marketplace :speak_no_evil:

(Nathan) #140

Sorry i mean as in they’ve spent alot of time on this this past few months and its got a shall we say… mixed leaning to negative reaction?

I hope they double down efforts now that they have a blueprint… and then use this to negotiate a better deal in future with other partners to get what the monzo users seem to want ( a less noticeable rate difference between the 3rd party offering and via-monzo offering, as well as instant access)

(Tom) #141

Just signed up with Marcus, and it was really painless! Transferred money over and it was showing within about 5 mins. Plus the website is really good on mobile.

(Jai Sullivan) #142

I was about to sign up last night until I realised they don’t have an app! Hopefully it’ll come in the future. Although, I am tempted now that you’ve said the website is good on mobile too.

(Tom) #143

I honestly wouldn’t let that put you off. I’m always keen to have a native app, but you can save the website to your homescreen, and it’s pretty smooth. :+1: