Marcus Bank

Not all Easy Access Savings accounts are equal. There may be better interest rates on other accounts, but there may also be factors that could still cause someone to pick Marcus.

For example, there may be a minimum opening balance that the saver cannot meet; there may be a restricted number of withdrawals allowed; withdrawals may not be ‘instant’.

I have a Marcus account, and while the 1.45% rate is a bonus (boom boom), my main reason for picking them over an alternative is that the money in that account would be my first port of call in the case of an emergency. When the bonus rate dropped from 1.5%, I looked at alternatives them and only one Easy Access Account had a rate higher than 1.45%, but it came with restrictions on withdrawing which is why I stuck with Marcus.

When the current bonus rate expires for me next year, I’ll shop around then - but it’s entirely possible that the correct decision for me will be sticking with Marcus.


Instant access, and no balance requirements? I’ve not really found any.

The post office has a minimum balance of £50 which is close enough imo

Balls. Missed renewing by 1 day :sob:

Looks like it is actually just a £1, looking at Post Office web site at 1.38%

The £50 minimum is no longer shown, possibly because the “View Further Details” on Moneyfacts table against the 1.44% states the Opening Criteria: Existing Customers

Available this spring on Google Play

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US only too at the moment.

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My bonus has expired! I haven’t moved out of laziness and lack of real competitor

I know :sob:

Sometimes there is just no point. I agree.