Marcus Bank


Goldman Sachs is old, but it’s not exactly a legacy retail bank as for most of its life it was a pure investment bank.

(Andre Borie) #225

I mean this is a computer doing this

Someone has to load punched cards into it though.

In all seriousness it could just be that the code is so old and inefficient that the task of calculating & paying out interest takes days to run, explaining why some got their interest immediately as expected and some had to wait longer.


Numbers update :eyes::

(Tom) #227



Average savings of £23,500 if my maths is correct.


(Tony) #229

Proud to be skewing that average downwards…

£23,500 indeed! :laughing:

(Kevyn) #230

You missed £29.41!


I did - But it seemed far more effort :joy:


Nice to know we’re outliers :joy:

(Jonathon) #233

Why are some people asked for more documents and others not?


Like all banks, they use databases to verify who you are, if they can’t do that automatically they have to ask for more details under the regulations and the licence they operate under. Sometimes something as simple as a spelling mistake can fail the automated system.

(Kevyn) #235

Banks can check both the credit reference agencies to confirm address and ID details as well as the HM Passport Office database.

Cross referencing both can generally prove your ID and avoid you a lot of hassle. I’ve not physically confirmed my ID with a bank since 2004 and I’ve opened a few accounts since then.

(Jonathon) #236

I figured. My partner has been asked but they have never had this before!


First you can’t open a Monzo savings pot, and now your partner is being questioned for a Marcus account.

They are watching you… :eyes:

(Jonathon) #238

I know… it’s them not me :face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking:

(Jack) #239

Just opened an account. Seems great so far.

Sign up was easy and I agree the mobile website is slick! Not really any need for an app yet.


Were you the 100,000th? :face_with_monocle:


I set up an account and then decided to switch my bank account so need to mail them a change request :man_facepalming:

(Jack) #242

Can’t you change the nominated bank online? I thought I viewed the option earlier.


There’s an option but when you click it it directs you to a form to download