Marcus Bank

(Jonathon) #184

It doesn’t bother me. It’d be interesting to know if there is anything Monzo do on weekends that other banks don’t?

(Kieran) #185

Standing orders?

(Jonathon) #186

Is that a question? Ha.

Indeed they do :slightly_smiling_face: Although others do too:

It depends if the bank sends it using the FPS. Granted, most don’t, but some do.

(Jolin) #187

It’s more that it doesn’t give me huge confidence that their systems really are unencumbered by legacy issues. We’ll see…

(Jonathon) #188

I guess… for a savings account though what do you need? Money in. Money out. Not many other features required.

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #189

Went looking for my interest just now as today is the day it should appear as I opened my account a month ago. What I got however was this:

I’m both pleased this message was up so promptly and clear, but also dissapointed that I’ll have to wait another couple of days. What on Earth is the justification for this weekday only business these days?


They have to let the elves have the odd day off!

(Kevyn) #191

Whilst Marcus does use a very web friendly website, it is run by one of the most legacy of legacy banks.

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(Is Santa here yet?) #193

Goldman Sachs

(Graham - Mental health professional) #194

Perhaps legacy ain’t all bad then? :thinking:


In terms of providing a product, maybe not.

In terms of being good people with good morals, I have straight up dislike of Goldman Sachs.

(Is Santa here yet?) #196

Even if it was 50% interest I wouldn’t open an account with them

( #197

Nope. Never has been. Depends what they do with it. That said, Goldman have been pretty evil as a business, and i’m not sure i’ve really heard anything to suggest they are now any different, but it doesn’t seeming to be harming them at the end of the day. But you hit the nail on the head, there’s plenty of great legacy out there, we have to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

(Jonathon) #198

Really? Hmm… I think most others would absolutely throw all they had at a 50% rate!

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #199

It’s the end of the business day on the day my interest should have been paid and it’s not there. I’m dissapointed :frowning:

(Liam) #200

With you there. I love that Monzo is challenging product norms, but I care more about them challenging ethical ones.

(Nick) #201

According to that my interest should have been paid today, but there’s no sign of it. Hopefully there’s some kind of legacy rust causing a delay rather than them trying to swindle me out of my hard-earned pennies :unamused:

(Jonathon) #202

No interest for me either yet. Not that I’m expecting a lot

(Is Santa here yet?) #203

It’s common to have a day or 2 between calculation date and the date it’s shown on your account