March Monthly Update

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #65

Let me order it myself. Simple. Some I’ll interact with frequently, some I won’t. but let me choose?


I think the overdraft and loans should jump to the top if they are actively being used. That’s a pretty obvious one. But Monzo will have to think how they can advertise the fact that loans and overdrafts are a thing more prominently.

Likewise, I think credit cards if actively being used should jump above pots. Expanding to show remaining credit, with others minimized.

Current accounts could potentially benefit from being part of a horizontal slide where the physical Monzo card is now? Will be interesting to see if linked current accounts get intergration into the pot withdrawal UI/flow for example, too.

Oh and savings accounts… Which should probably be grouped with pots.

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(Ed Stubbs) #67

Pots will be the biggest section I would have thought.

Might have to have a headline called Pot that you click into and then they are listed vertically once you’ve clicked through.


Will also be kinda interesting to see what card artwork they use for credit cards. Is there a way to source it like Apple/Google Pay? Or will Monzo go for custom/generic art?

(Nathan) #69

Admittedly this would be hard…

But a ios widget style page could be good. Up to the user then to select what theyd like shown or hidden maybe

(Alex) #70

Yeah agree with gmclean. I know Monzo seems to have hugely come out against trusting us to customise things ourselves, but a drag to reorganise-able list would surely be the best and simplest solution.

Everyone has not just different but changeable priorities. Some months a pot will be more important as you save up for that next big thing, and others a credit card as you watch that bill building up and need to keep track of it.

(Sean) #71

Probably been considered already but are there any intentions to add any ifttt triggers based on the credit card balance? Thinking to add money to a pot for paying it off as an example.

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(Max Cheetham) #72


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(Justin) #74

This is something I’m really looking forward to. The March Monthly Update mentioned integration of Amex balance. Do you know whether there are any plans to go further, and also retrieve transactions?

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(Simone) #75

Redesigning the Payments tab

I hope finally we can add nicknames on accounts

(Alex) #76

It’s been suggested by Monzo team members that that would be the logical next step. Last thing I saw, they said they would be looking into how best to do this so as to not clutter app/make sense etc. So I think the general feeling is that might take a bit longer, but hopefully will happen.

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(Justin) #77

Hi @Alexferrigno, thank you for your response. Great news to hear this is being planned.

In a sense, it would be nice to be able to have a separate view of your Monzo and Amex transaction histories and balances - and also to be able to choose to display all the transactions from both accounts in a common timeline. I look forward to seeing what they come up with!:grinning:

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(Alex) #78

Yeah, very much in agreement with you. I’d want to be able to get all the benefits of categorising and including Amex spends in my summary etc, but with the option to view both separately too.

(Justin) #79

The timing is fantastic for me. Lloyds recently announced that it was withdrawing its Lloyds Amex Avios card, so I’m switching to a BA Amex card instead.

(Stiven Skyrah) #80

I’m confused the only card my monzo doesn’t have is amex. It’s like I’m the opposite and of this news :s

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(Nathan) #81

In the months since there has been issues found with the integration layer between TrueLayer and Amex.

It looks more than likely that Amex integration will now have to wait until after September when Amex release their public api.

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