Map transaction data - ✅ or ❌?

I’m think the map is just a representation of the address data that comes through from MasterCard. Nothing to do with Google/Apple!


Ah, thanks Peter that’s makes more sense than where I was going with it :joy:

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@Peter_G JIMMWX point is where my thoughts were. in terms of how useful the map is for visualising point of sale, it’s only useful if the merchant data that’s used is pointing to this location.

Just provide a map and the location of the item where possible but allow it to be amended manually if incorrect ie showing as an HQ eg Boots showing as Nottingham even if it’s a specific branch therefore allow to manually amend to the specific branch.


Well yes, but for iOS - that only exists in android :wink:


I have thought about this carefully overnight.

I think what I’d quite like is another tab in Trends called “Map” (or “Hotspots” or something). It would:

  • Have a map up top where the other tabs have graphs, transactions down the bottom still
  • Map ether total number of transactions or value on the map by location for the time period specified in Trends (would also need a new “All time” option
  • Some heat maps (colours to show value/volume of spend) or other funky visual devices would be nice.
  • The ability to filter by time so you can see where/what you’re buying in the morning (e.g. breakfast) Vs the weekend (fun stuff)
  • Have the ability to filter by location, value etc
  • Let the user drill down and see only categories, merchants etc on the map, and be able to drill down to see the actual transaction.

This would make me happy.

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Maps on transaction detail screens useful? No.