Manufacture Monzo cards out of an environmentally friendly and biodegradable plastic material

Don’t forget all those people who replace their cards weekly (for all sorts of absurd reasons) as pointed out by staff in another topic.


My apologies if that’s how you interpreted it. I just disagree, passionately, with your point of view. People who genuinely care enough about this stuff to take action aren’t simply doing it for their ego, as you put it. It’s far too much effort for that. Hence, I tried to explain why your sweeping statement was inaccurate, in terms of my experience. Something I would be happy to discuss with you respectfully, if your rebuttal was something more substantial than an ad-hominem.

I was hoping you’d have actually at the very least addressed my probing for evidence of your claim regarding pets, because if true, I’d like to learn more on the topic myself, and make changes to my life style as necessary. But if you’re not willing to engage in discourse respectfully, then it’s best we leave that here.


I’d prefer Monzo put card details all in the app & give an option for not having a card if not wanted… instead of trying to embark on environmentally friendly cards in the short term.


I think this would be the best option rather than questionable card materials.

Simply not giving a card until one is requested makes a whole lot of sense. I think Revolut already do this? They don’t shout about it though from an environmental point of view.

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