Manually tag salary?

(J) #1

So I get paid for work occasionally via PayPal, and I want to transfer that to my Monzo. Is there a way to mark the transfer so it appears as income salary?

(Jack) #2

Any transfer into monzo can be tagged as income on the new summary screen if it’s more than £200. This is going to become more flexible soon though.

(J) #3

Okay I transfered £400 and I don’t see how I can tag it as income?

(Jack) #4

At the top of the summary screen is an option to set payday. If you select that it should allow you to choose that payment.


Really? I tried to tag transfer as income… no option…

(Jack) #6

Quick update! It should now let you :clap:t3:. This is the option you need to select:

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