Manually add a scheduled payment or future payment

It would be nice if we could add a manual scheduled payment that we could just tick off when we know it’s been paid. For example, I have a PayPal Credit account, but it doesn’t show in the summary properly as it is incorrectly marked as paid if I buy something with my ordinary PayPal account. This makes it look like I have more left over in my account than I actually do. I know I can just add extra to a pot and manually transfer it out, but this requires me to have enough in my main account to cover it until I can move the money back out. Also, if I haven’t had a PayPal payment come out of my account yet (therefore it is still pending in the summary), it looks like I have less money than I actually do as it doesn’t take into account the bill pot. I have the same problem with the vet - I have a ‘recurring’ payment for my dog’s medication which appears on the summary, but if I have to visit the vet unexpectedly, the summary incorrectly thinks the payment has been made and therefore won’t be paid again.

It wouldn’t need to do anything fancy, like figure out when the payment has come out - I’m more than happy to manually keep track of it in the app - but I would like it to be factored into the summary until I’ve confirmed it has come out.

Welcome. :+1:

Think that’s a great idea :+1:

I have a separate pot for PayPal when I make a payment with PayPal
I move the money into that pot, I have the PayPal DD set to come out of that pot. sorted

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I remember @davidwalton asking for this a few times too

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+1 to this idea!