Managing Debt and Insolvency Q&A

(Sam Holland) #1

Hi there,

I’ve worked in the insolvency industry for a while now, and there are still many questions people want to ask but don’t know who to go to.

So, if you have a question or 2 you want to ask, fire away and I’ll do my best to help :grin:

You can learn how I believe Monzo can really help you if you already have/are looking into a debt solution too!


Hey Sam! I have no questions myself, but I was wondering what small changes could Monzo make to either help people from becoming insolvent, or in recovering when they are?

(Sam Holland) #3

Hey Peter :+1:

I’d say the majority of tools people need are already in place to help people stay out of negative debt (where you pay out more than your income) and/or manage your money more efficiently when insolvent.

The committed spending side of things is perfect to be able to set money aside you can’t touch each month for certain expenditure, however I would like to see this amended slightly so you can set aside an amount each month yourself for categorised expenditure (e.g. setting a maximum amount of committed spending each month for groceries) rather than having to select a transaction you want to predict.

Already, Monzo have written articles to help manage your money which I’ve found could be very useful for people in debt. Maybe having a small widget in the app to reach articles related to your spending would be easier too?