Making recurring payments on Monzo even better

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This :clap:t3::clap:t3:

I was thinking of posting something similar myself.


Awesome new feature and exactly what I want Monzo to be doing for me - making it easier to manage my money. It’s so easy to forget recurring subscriptions or not take them into account. A few rough edges are to be expected for a first iteration but I think it’s a pretty solid attempt.

A few suggestions for improvements:

  • multiple subs to the same merchant but as Jami said this is already being looked into;
  • custom intervals look like something people would find useful (I personally have a bi-monthly subscription);
  • an option to enable a notification [x] number of days before a subscription is due to renew (great that Monzo will add subs to committed spending but if that is due 1st of the month I won’t see it until it’s too late to cancel. A heads up about long-forgotten renewals might encourage me to be smarter with my money think twice about whether I might want to cancel something.);
  • loosely related to the previous point the ability to view a month ahead in Summary and peek at my committed spending might be a very helpful tool to see what is coming up. I know you added subs to the scheduled payments page but this doesn’t show me the overall total to help me budget ahead for the next calendar month or list a payment if this month’s hasn’t yet gone out; and
  • add an ability when creating a subscription in the app to specify either an end date or a number of payments (for example an extended warranty that I am paying for in 10 monthly payments of £5).

These are things that would make the feature more useful for me and I’d imagine they’d be of use to a not-insignificant number of other Monzo users.

(Tom ) #67

Whilst I understand that the ultimate aim is to make things pretty automated, this level of manual ‘switching’ is really useful to me. It’s already made Summary and Committed Spending massively more useful. I’ve been able to disable a DD as recurring (a credit card I rarely use) and have been able to change a DD to a yearly recurring.

(Jami Welch) #68

Hey all, exciting update!

We just rolled out a code change that enabled multiple subscriptions per card merchant, so you should be able to have multiple Apple/iTunes subs for yearly iCloud, monthly Apple Music, etc.

Give it a go and let us know if anything weird happens!


Multiple Recurring Transactions

Weeee, looks like it works for my various Adobe payments

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Success :clap:t3: Thanks!


That was fast!

With the latest updates Summary is all that I hoped for, thank you so much for your hard work @Jami

Now all I’m missing in an IBAN no

(Chinedu Umeh) #73

It must be said the work you have done on summary is really appreciated especially collecting all the feedback, making changes and keeping everyone informed. Thank you!

(Michael) #74

That was quick! All sorted for my two iTunes subscriptions (both set for the same day) :smile: Thanks for making the change!

(Mark Rickaby) #75

Works perfectly! Super impressed with the speed that went into production!


Yeah, ideally it should be both with manual adjustments helping the automatic things. I would be quite happy with the odd notification asking questions to clarify and improve stuff it’s unsure or needs more info on.

And I really love how rapid these commited spending improvements are coming :sparkling_heart:

(Adam Kendrew) #77

Just opened a joint account, so I was able to explore some of the UI when the account is essentially empty. As a lot of us will have been a part of the Current Account Preview we’ll probably never see most of this. Here’s the info on committed spending:

(Oliver strong) #78

When viewing the scheduled payments screen could we get a predicted total for all payments listed?

(Michael) #79

That would be good! Though committed spending does that in the Summmary tab. I’d also like a way of changing the order scheduled payments appear in, so it can be toggled between alpha order, date of last payment, amount, etc

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Or buy from and your data is stored on GDPR compliant servers, and you’re charged in :euro: which is slightly less expensive still. :wink:

(Tom is my hero. Not that one. ) #81

Just looked at my scheduled payments screen. Weren’t these in Alphabetical order at one point?

If they weren’t, can they be?

I get the order that they’re in right now but that’s what committed spending shows me anyway. I was kind of expecting the list of scheduled payments to be alphabetical.

Maybe just me.

(Alex) #82

Sorry for the late reply! Now that I’m using the Summary I’m hardly looking at my spreadsheet at all for day-to-day stuff, but I still keep it as a way of forecasting the next couple of months. My partner and I just got a joint account which will also make things much easier, as we’re planning to move most of our bills to that account as well as using it for all our grocery shopping.

I think the only issue I have with the Summary now is that it can’t predict money that I might have coming in apart from my salary. For example, say I buy my mum a birthday present and I’m waiting for my brother to pay me back half of the cost, it would be handy to be able to manually tell Monzo that I’m expecting that money in the next couple of weeks.

(Jack) #83

Good points, income prediction would be good so you can forecast into the future… :crystal_ball: it’s not really something live considered until now.

Hopefully the scenario you just mentioned will be covered off when more advancements to bill splitting and Monzo with friends features launch.

(Phil Gyford) #84

I think, somewhere, I saw a screenshot of a recurring payment set-up that let the user choose something like “Every [number] weeks” (or months, etc). Maybe that was on Android, as my iOS app doesn’t do this. Is this a feature that’s on its way?

Several of my recurring payments are every 3 months, or every 6 weeks, things like that.