Making Monzo: Plan ahead better with flexible budgeting tools

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #61

If that were me I’d set it start on 25th and just work with the fact Monzo might think you’ll run out of money before the second lot of salary is credited a few days later, when the predictions should fall into line.

Or have your wife’s salary credited into her sole account and a standing order to move it into the joint account on 31st. However, this would be asynchronous with your salary on those months when the 31st falls on a weekend.

(Jami Welch) #62

Yes but haven’t been able to dig into it yet. Will do ASAP.

(Mark Dunne) #63

I am so happy with this improvement, it means I can really start to benefit from the budgeting tools.

On a separate issue, any idea when we’ll be able to set up standing orders or schedule CA to JA transfers on a four weekly basis?

(Adam Robertson) #64

Wait til the last working day of the month and start your budget from then, then you have both incomes through. How did you budget before?

(Adam Robertson) #65

Thanks for this! Almost on the level of Apply Pay for things I’ve been waiting for!

Now just need the bank transfer issue sorted - thankfully however my partner is switching to full-Mono today so that won’t be a problem anymore! Summary will finally be really useful and accurate for me!

(Jack) #66

Awesome work! Looking forward to support for the third Thursday of every month :grin::raised_hands:t3:

For now I’m going to set my summary back to the 1st as it’s less faff than manually updating it each month.

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #67

Didn’t really budget, just knew what we had as a disposable income and loosely kept within that with a savings account for backup if needed.

(Adam Robertson) #69

By the way, hope my original comment didn’t sound like I was questioning your ways! Just wanted to see whether that could be adapted for Monzo :slight_smile:

In my view, I think you should start your Summary from the 31st - that way you’ll have both incomes to play with. When you get to the 25th, and your wife is paid again, it might actually not recognise it! But if it does, just move it to a pot if they’re in joint accounts by that time (or your wife’s personal account?) and move it across once you get paid again. And start all over again :slight_smile:

(Tom Cohen) #70

Amazing! Thank you so much. :heart_eyes:
The built in budgeting tools are why I moved from Starling. Now it’s much better. <3

(Aishwarya Pant) #71

Hi Sacha, sorry for the trouble :slightly_frowning_face:. We have identified a bug that might be causing this issue. I’ll give you an update when the fix is deployed, most likely tomorrow :crossed_fingers:.


Brilliant, now I’m sorted for 11 months of the year. I don’t suppose there’s any plan to cope with Christmas paydays which can often be a few days (not because of non-working) early? :neutral_face:

(Steve) #73

Doesn’t work for me still. I get paid on the last Friday of the month. Will have to wait!

(Dave Berry) #74

We put all our income into a pot when it comes in and move it on payday with ifttt (well I do it manually while we’re waiting for joint pots, but that’s the idea)

(Oliver strong) #75

Great to see improvements being made, I don’t think this works for me at the moment. If I’m wrong though will someone please advise. I get paid on 25th of every month, unless that date falls on a bank holiday or weekend. If that occurs I get paid on the last working day before.


That’s included, select the 25th and the next page asks what happens if it falls on a non-working day. You can choose working day before, after or 25th.

(Oliver strong) #77

Should have trusted Monzo and checked the next screen. Thanks for letting me know. :+1:

(Sacha Zarb) #78

Thank you Aishwarya, I’ll keep an out for the fix

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #79

Instead of picking a date select your salary payment and it will work from when that hits your account :slight_smile:


Is it that smart or is that just helping you find when you get paid?

(Steve) #81

It still doesn’t work for me.

For instance. Last month I was paid on the 26th. If I select that payment the next screen asks me “if the 26th is not on a working day what happens”

Working day before / after…well it’s neither.

The 26th is a Monday and I’ll be paid on the 30th, i.e the last Friday of the month.

Emma (the app) has this nailed down with the choices.