Making Monzo: Plan ahead better with flexible budgeting tools

(Gareth) #41

The 31st would be the start of the new period, in the future, which is what I pick. My point is the current budget does not update to reflect this (31st Oct -> 29th Nov), when I would expect it to now show (31st Oct -> 30th Nov).

I imagine it will fix itself by next month, but the feedback screen says “We’ve changed your summary period” without showing any change.

I’m half-asleep

(Andy) #42

Woohoo!! Working perfectly for me!! Thanks guys!


But how do you setup the last Thursday of the month? I tried and can’t work it out? Is it possible?

(Rubén Durá Tarí) #44

Not yet, but this is on the pipeline as part of the budgeting improvements :eyes:


Surely the start of the next period is the 30th when you are next paid, so this month ends on 29th?

(Sacha Zarb) #46

So what’s happening with the red screen of failure I’m getting?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #47

Nice! Just because the previous summary behaviour has been my summary restarts on the day that it says, so on the 29th my summary will reset - the day before payday - meaning it’ll be completely wrong until payday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll find out how well this new summary works next week, if on Thursday monzo thinks I have £100 to last me a month I’ll know something has gone wrong :yum:

Really awesome feature though, been waiting on it for a while :grin: nice work monzo :boom:

(Gareth) #48

Yep, I see now. 31st 00:00 -> 29th 23:59, not 31st 00:00 -> 30th 00:00.

(Adam) #49

Not quite there for me yet unfortunately.

I get paid the LAST Thursday of each month, not every 4 weeks on a Thursday (so some months it’s 5 weeks between paydays :weary:).

Summary won’t be accurate for me until that’s an option.


Finally! This is excellent, I can’t wai–



(Dan) #51

Perfect for me four weekly pay at last, thank you :+1:

(Matthew Oldham) #52

Any chance of getting support for multiple incoming payments?

I receive a salary at the end of the month, as well as a rent payment from my flatmate in the middle, and then I pay the whole rent myself. This seems to screw with Summary’s estimate of whether I’m going to make it through the month, and so I’ve been ignoring it for now :sweat_smile:


Yay!! Been waiting for this :grinning::+1: (last working day of the month!)

(Jai Sullivan) #54

Same here, surely this needs to be tweaked? Although great work Monzo! :monzo: So pleased that this feature is finally here.

Edit: Actually on second thought, the current way (ending on the 29th) actually seems more appropriate/correct?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #55

This is actually telling you that the last day of the current accounting period is the 29th and your Summary resets on the 30th.

(Duncan) #56

@Jami Did you see my reply above?

(Adam) #57

I didn’t see that part in the blog posting - cheers for posting it!

Looking forward to when they add in the extra functionality.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #58

Thanks everyone at :monzopride: Monzo who has worked hard on this.

I set my Summary to reset on the 17th/working day before. This automatically rejigged my previous budget from last month which didn’t actually recognise my salary on the 16th and therefore accounted for two months’ salary payments in the one accounting period (17/10 AND 16/11) and skewed my ratio of spent:earned.

All back to normal now. Thanks.


It has been mentioned before but adding multiple incomes would be good for an overall accurate picture.

(#fullmonzo joint account since Aug18) #60

Not sure how to make mine work. Both my wife and I get our salaries paid into our joint account. Her pay day is the 25th and mine is the last working day of the month. Not sure how best to configure for this? Suggestions welcome :sweat_smile: