Making Monzo: Cheque Imaging

(MikeF) #121

HMRC have done bank transfers for as long as I can remember for tax returns. I’ve never had a cheque from them. What are your cheques for (if you don’t mind sharing)?


Very true Mike, but that is if you share account details with them. Part of the tax return does ask for account details but it is not compulsory- hence if a tax refund is due (hopefully) it would be done in cheque form.

(MikeF) #123

Ah, fair enough. In the world in my head I don’t have people who wouldn’t provide bank details!


DVLA is the main (almost sole!) culprit in my case - can’t believe they still don’t do bank transfer!

(Adam Robertson) #125

Eon paid my final bill amount in a cheque as I’d left the company.

(Nick) #126

I don’t do a full self-assessment, I just claim relief for a couple of work expenses and it’s never given me the option to share my bank details.

(Rich) #127
  1. Refunds from HRMC, DVLA, Utilitiy providers, Mortgage providers
  2. Anything from £XX to £X,XXX
  3. Never.

(Chris Middleton) #128

Late to the party here but…

  1. Occasionally get cheques from parents - christmas, birthday, payment for stuff I have bought online for them because they are happy to risk me having my card details stolen online, but not theirs :wink:
  2. £20 to £250
  3. I wrote a cheque from my business account for a charity donation about 2 years ago.

For personal use, we do still have a Co-op joint account which has a cheque book - we also use this to pay in cheques. Mortgage and bills are paid out of this account as once in the past 20 years our salary has arrived late, and Monzo don’t offer a joint account overdraft facility. Give us cheque imaging and joint account overdrafts, we’ll move that to Monzo too.

(ivor Waite) #129

1 I get paid weekly by cheque. Very 20th century but that’s the way it is in this particular job
2 anything from £1 upwards
3 Never.

Cheque imaging was one of the main things that I was looking forward to with Monzo. I bank with the Co-Op and they only have 1 branch per city/town. I work all over the country so getting to a branch isn’t easy.
Cheque imaging will make life so much easier rather than the lengthy process is is now, trying to find a branch, waiting for clearing and then transferring over to my Monzo account.
Once that update arrives, then I can switch exclusively to Monzo


I’d be opening an account with HSBC or Barclays if I was getting 1 a week!

(ivor Waite) #131

I have done now. Should be up and running by next week


My “B Account” - Digital bank from Yorshire bank provides the facility of depositing a cheque by just clicking the front and back of the cheque using its app. Can Monzo do the same?

(MikeF) #133

See the thread I’ve moved your post into, above. It’s been planned for a while now.

(John McAllister ) #134

Normally get checks from HMRC. As so many people have been defrauded by fraudsters claiming to be from HMRC, requesting your refund by check rather than giving bank details is a safer option.