Making Monzo: Cheque Imaging

I haven’t seen this thread. Thank you for sharing. :blush:

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Hi - I recently deposited a cheque into my Monzo account and have to say it was an ordeal. It took over 2 weeks for the funds to be available in my account from when I posted the cheque via tracked post as advised.

Cheques are still part of everyday banking and Monzo has to properly support this. With that in mind, why are Monzo not part of the cheque imaging processing? As a tech minded bank I would have thought you’d be all over this?

Monzo have stopped working on it for the foreseeable future.

They determined that it wasn’t very sought after and they missed their licence application window which only happens a couple of times a year (I think).

Read more about it below and vote if you’d like it :slight_smile:


Yep. I wouldn’t post a cheque to a bank. If you have an ATM nearby which takes deposits, you could open an account there. Or an even better option, if cheques are important to you, is to open an account at a ‘cheque imaging’ bank.

It took about 24 hours for me to open an account at Starling, deposit a cheque and receive the money.


The 2nd to last cheque I got I had the same thing. Literally didn’t have envelopes so I had to go and buy some before I could post it to Monzo.

The last cheque I got (a cheeky HMRC refund!), I was reminded that Starling do cheque imaging so used them.


So whats the process with making monzo threads for things that are dead in the water :thinking: should we be using this thread or the idea thread?

Would love to know to know updated stats on cheques deposited into monzo. The last stats were pretty bogus

Surely now at 4.5 mill customers and with more business accounts the costs must be building on this one. Even seen someone had done something silly like 19 cheques at one time wasnt it recently?

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I honestly don’t know.

There seems to be zero presence of Monzo employees on the forum these days to give any updates. Let alone any kind of roadmap for these features.

So some of my comments above seemingly got moved out of the (recent) Feedback thread and into this one - when there’s another one circulating for the actual ‘user demand’ bit of cheque imaging.

Feels like that’s the better place to move the request tos, to me, vs a thread that’s about Monzo’s now dead project.

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For most people they aren’t part of everyday banking and cheque numbers are declining year on year. Monzo don’t have to support it anymore than they already are.

From here -


Apparently cheque usage today is currnetly about 25% of what it was in 2008 - from the same report, but annual numbers as the graph is skewed by the Cash/Debit line:

Smaller drop that I would expect. And another 10 years only sees that drop by 50% (estimated, obvs)

I’d be interested to see the hidden costs of cheque processing the way it’s currently done. From the very very little I understand about the process, the ‘back end’ work at the bank is all done by the imaging process anyway.

I know nothing is ever trivial, but there must be a resource cost to cheque processing currently, have to believe that the cost to implement and maintain a digital solution would be more effecitve than the current version.

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Just because it’s not part of everyday banking for a lot of people, doesn’t mean it’s not part of occasional banking for a large section of people. Something like recieving a cheque might not happen that often but when it does its really inconvenient to process. That’s the kind of irritability Monzo aimed to solve and it’s failing on its core values here.

It’s really, really dismissive to say that because it’s not as common it doesn’t need to be supported. If you need proof on this look back through the multiple threads on the topic of users expressing why they want the feature.


Nicely put, and accurately describes my relationship with cheques. I don’t like cheques, but on the rare occasion I do get them it’s nice to just take a photo with the Barclays app and forget about it. Would be nice to do that with Monzo too.

I remember when cheques were on the way out for good, then the plan was shelved. I hope that still happens at some point.


I do agree with you. And I’ve said before in one of the cheque threads, that Monzo don’t truly know the demand because it’s a hassle to use Monzo for it.

They’ll class me as someone who has never paid in a cheque with them, so maybe they think I’ll never need the imaging feature. But the few cheques I’ve had (<3 in 3 years I expect), I’ve used my high street bank and as N26 says below, they’ve used Barclays. I’m not messing about posting it. I’m sure a lot of people do this, there’s people that open Starling accounts to pay in a cheque. These don’t show in Monzo’s numbers.

But it’s not dismissive to say it doesn’t need better support, it’s logical. They support cheques and by the looks of it, have zero intention of improving that process. Most people wouldn’t want time and effort to go on this instead of something that more people would get use from, which is exactly what’s happened. It started off higher up the priority list and it’s been pushed down and down.

What they really need is a % of Starling customers that use the feature! Then they’d know better if it was worth tackling or not.


Yep. Me too. Since lockdown, I’ve received a cheque every two weeks. Monzo have no idea.

They are deposited elsewhere and Monzo doesn’t see the money at any stage. If Monzo had supported cheque imaging I wouldn’t have opened a Starling account, and I would have made more use of my Monzo account.

This shouldn’t be taken to read that I think Monzo should support cheque imaging. I’m aware that it’s highly unlikely to happen in the next 12 months, and I’m quite happy with the service Starling are are offering me.



Lots have multiple banks just to be able to scan cheques in.


You could have finished your sentence there :stuck_out_tongue: because people also have them as backups, for cash deposits, for rewards, for cashback and so on.

Of course they do, but I was saying some have them just because of features missing like this…


I love that people are still discussing cheque imaging here.

I gave up waiting on Monzo to add this a while back. Initially I used Starling and transferred the cheques. Then I realised that Starling actually offer the services I want and decided to switch.

It’s funny how Monzo no longer want to carry the cost of some expensive users but are happy for other banks to subsidise the cost of services they don’t want to provide.


Obviously :smiley::wink:

This basically sums up my disappointment with Monzo in one sentence.

This is also why Monzo’s finances are the way they are - plenty of money wasted on complete guff, and not enough effort spent on the whole being a bank thing.