Making Monzo: Cheque Imaging

Would be quite a hard sell as ‘premium’ when every Tom, Dick and Halifax offers Post Office deposits as a free, basic service.


No harder than any other paid-for cash deposit mechanism I’d have thought.

Except it seems counterintuitive. If they build cheque imaging, it would be lower cost for them to process them this way (as opposed to paying the freepost and having someone at the office manually process the paper cheque). So it would seem a bit vindictive to not make cheque imaging available to everyone. Why incur higher costs just to make a point?


Given the current state of lockdown and social distancing, for a possibly indeterminate amount of time, is it likely for Monzo to re-evaluate development of cheque imaging?

Commenting only in the hope you have your wonderful Devs working safely from home!

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Because their big play, medium to long term, is that they can persuade you to switch your HSBC (or whatever) account to Monzo and they are then your only bank account, the window through which you view all your finances.

You will then never be able to switch again, since you will become too used to Monzo’s top quality app? Or, at least, I think this is the idea?

Looks like I have a cheque or two coming my way thanks to cancellations from the coronavirus.

Luckily, I do have a bank that accepts cheque imaging :grin:

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I think they’ve likely got enough on their plate as it stands rather than adding to the list.


Starling email today confirmed they’re close to launch.


Yep. That’s one of my two banks :+1:

No, not likely.

There are only certain ‘jumping on’ points to the system every year, and these are fixed a long time in advance.


Starling have started rolling this out. I’d suggest opening a Starling account (takes 5 mins to open), deposit cheques in Starling then send the money straight into your Monzo account

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Which is exactly what Monzo want you to do I am guessing.

At moment the way to go fully Monzo is:

Monzo Account - Get Paid in early spending
Starling/Other Bank - Cash deposits, overseas spending without limits, cheque imaging.


This is how I’m doing it at the moment - I get the cheque imaging for faster clearance (and more guaranteed than the post given the current climate) plus I can deposit cash in at the Post Office at no charge then move the money over to Monzo so works for me :+1:t2:

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