Making Monzo Better: The Big List

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TSB offer 5% on balances up to £1500 if you dare!


If you dare. :joy:

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Should have filtered by latest


Really happy to see this Big List. A lot of my concerns with Monzo as primary account will be addressed in not too distant future so well done to all the engineers at Monzo.

Someone else mentioned this above and I too as Muslim will not want any interest so hopefully there will be option to have interest free Pots.


The pot for interest will be entirely optional.


Can’t wait for paym

(Jorge) #129

Will it only be one single pot in which we can get interest?


Late to the party, but am so impressed with this list! Pace really picking up now!


I’m not sure how we’re going to implement this at the moment :slight_smile:


Surely paying interest on the total held in Monzo would be far easier than just a single pot?
I don’t really want to choose what money I want interest on. It is annoying you don’t get interest at the moment. But the ex-bank dropped their interest when they said they would never do that. Now they’ve got IT problems :rage:.
The payment could be put into the current account. And when rules are implemented for pots :crossed_fingers:, it can automatically move it to another account.
I prefer the all or nothing interest at the moment because Monzo actually works. And works easily!

(Tim Banting) #133

Please make it the “savings” pot as default.

(MikeF) #134

Maybe or maybe not. Either way, it’s pretty clear that that’s not what’s on offer in the short term.

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Some great stuff coming up in this list, we’ll done to everyone at Monzo.

The only one thing keeping me from switching away from my legacy bank and going #FullMonzo which doesn’t seem to have made the list, would be having a Direct Debit pot where I can ringfence all the money needed for my bills so my main account can be just my spending money.

(Johnny Ellwood) #136

In doing this however they would no longer comply with the terms for Islamic banking (Islamic Banking 🕌)

They have to take everything into consideration including religious beliefs. I agree that the single pot with the option of interest would be the best course of action.

(Jai Sullivan) #137

Now #FullMonzo :smiley:

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This is a great idea

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This twitter thread will be of interest to you both


Yeah, I saw it. I think the general consensus from Twitter is that there should be a different colour for the Joint cards, purely because the “JOINT” lettering would get lost in wallets or Apple/Google Pay. Now I’ve thought about it, while I like the idea of a simple “JOINT” it’s probably essential that these are easily recognisable by a glance.

Maybe it’s time for Hot Chip to get a friend?

(Peter Shillito) #142

Create a Monzo sub-brand called “Joinzo” and label the card appropriately. Boom, solved.