Making Monzo Better: The Big List

(Jack) #184

To add to this, more providers will be added overtime through the marketplace when officially launched, they are just looking at a way to implement interest quickly with minimal effort from the consumer until the time comes that open banking, the marketplace is ready.

(Emma (still not the app)) #185

These 2 screenshots were posted on the making monzo twitter over the last few days

Someone have a word with Derek, he’s doing money all wrong

(Dan) #186

:drooling_face: sooo good

Scanning cheques to deposit - oh my that is some 21 century banking right there! Well if receiving cheques is still supposed to happen in the 21 C.

(Mark Dunne) #187

I can’t wait for joint accounts to arrive, then my husband and I can ditch our high street bank completely :champagne::tada:

I hope there is a option to have something on the card to show it’s a joint account or even better to have be able to choose to have the card a different colour for joint accounts? I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been in a rush and used the wrong card when paying or setting up a direct debit! :man_facepalming:t2:

(Emma (still not the app)) #188

This is the latest design idea they’ve shared. It has 2 raised dots in the bottom left for visually impaired and says joint



Making Monzo (@MakingMonzo) Tweeted:
To folks asking why we’re not making the joint account card a different colour: we hear you!

At the moment, we don’t want to associate joint accounts with a particular colour. If we offered other colour cards in the future, it’d be harder if they had pre-established ‘meanings.’


Really like that design. The embossed dots are a nice touch. I’d assume most visually impaired people would have their cards in a certain order in their wallet but this would be useful if they were sorting through 'em. :+1:

(Mark Dunne) #191

That’s brilliant! I hadn’t seen that they shared that :hugs:

(Jack) #192

My favourite of what they’ve shown so far.


This is good but I wish you’d get rid of the “joint account” copy and just keep the icon at the top left. I want the difference between the normal and joint card to be subtle.

(Kevyn) #194

Whilst the dots are a nice touch for the visually impaired, it would be better for Monzo to standardise as a RNIB approved card.

  • feature braille markings to identify which card is savings and which card is debit
  • have a notch cut out on the right hand side of the card to help customers insert their card into ATMs and PIN pads correctly
  • show telephone numbers where they will be most clear
  • have large font on the back of the card to make the phone numbers easier to read



most bank’s like Barclays, RBS, Handelsbanken, etc have such notches in their cards. I once helped a friend by cutting a notch out of his bank card with a Stanley knife, as his bank had failed to produce an accessibility card.

(Kevyn) #196

Its also a reason TransferWise has the notch in its cards so it is clearly possible for fintech to support it.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #197

I wondered why that was there.

(rach) #198

LOVE this!
I know obviously the dayglo orange/coral/pink card is your trademark but it’d be great if there were other options if you have more than one monzo acc, so you could differentiate easily between your sole account card and joint account card (or another feature on the card to help easily differentiate).
I bank with first direct too and the fact the cards all look the same (and the inability to nickname my accounts in the app in order to differentiate) is the reason I havent got a joint acc with them.

(Tim Banting) #199

Feature parity between iOS and Android would be great. I feel like a second class Monzo customer with Android. Exporting a PDF with ‘expenses’ as a category would mean I could Monzo for business expenses and I could get rid of my Amex card.


Because TransferWise is very limited in where I can receive money from and where I can send money to.

(Matthew Jones) #201

One Monzo pays some interest im switching it all over.


(Ray Singh) #202

Would you be more specific and give me one example of where you cannot send/receive money? I’ve been using TransferWise to send and receive money to almost anywhere in the world for over 6 years now!

(Adam Kendrew) #203

What new cool thing is coming tomorrow then @kieranmch? :eyes: