Make it possible to remove “getting started” screens from the Monzo Plus tab

It’s been annoying me for a while now that the one “getting started” screen I cannot get rid of from the Monzo Plus tab is for advanced roundups. It takes up over half the screen and I have to scroll past it every time I won’t to get to other parts of Monzo plus. I don’t want to use the round up multiplier, so have tried switching it on, making a translation with 2x roundup multiplier on, then switching it off, but it comes right back with the getting started screen.

I assumed after a while of having Plus it would go, but it doesn’t seem like it.

Would really like to dismiss it…

When roundup multiplier is switched on —>

This is one of those things they promised to do on day one but never did

What happens if you create a new pot. Then click the multiplier link on the plus screen to set it up. And then just close the pot.

From what I saw someone say recently, it comes back again

Yeah it just comes back again unfortunately