Make it possible to remove “getting started” screens from the Monzo Plus tab

It’s been annoying me for a while now that the one “getting started” screen I cannot get rid of from the Monzo Plus tab is for advanced roundups. It takes up over half the screen and I have to scroll past it every time I won’t to get to other parts of Monzo plus. I don’t want to use the round up multiplier, so have tried switching it on, making a translation with 2x roundup multiplier on, then switching it off, but it comes right back with the getting started screen.

I assumed after a while of having Plus it would go, but it doesn’t seem like it.

Would really like to dismiss it…

When roundup multiplier is switched on —>

This is one of those things they promised to do on day one but never did

What happens if you create a new pot. Then click the multiplier link on the plus screen to set it up. And then just close the pot.

From what I saw someone say recently, it comes back again

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Yeah it just comes back again unfortunately

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I still have the “getting started” bit for advanced rounds-ups taking up half my screen on the plus tab.

I asked about it on chat about a month ago to see if they could remove it, and my chat was referred to the Plus team who said they’d look into it and get back to me, but I never heard anything further and a few days later it showed as “conversation closed” on the chat.

It’s obviously not a major issue, but still annoying that more than 6 months after starting Plus, I still have a Getting Started splash screen :man_shrugging:

If I remember correctly, day 1 of Plus launch they promised to look at it. They must need new glasses if they’re still looking, more than half a year later

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That tab could do such much more. It’s just relinking to things that are elsewhere.


I find it a pain mostly because I frequently have to check my virtual cards to copy card numbers and dates when buying stuff. I wish I didn’t have to scroll down to find ‘virtual cards’ everytime - just because this huge getting started block is here :frowning:


Same with me, I’m usually heading to virtual cards. I really hope there’s a way to get rid of it soon, or it’s automatically removed a certain period after sign up. Definitely not needed 7 months into being a Plus subscriber.

You can access the Virtual cards from your home screen, you don’t need the Plus/Premium tab.

Swipe down when on the home tab and they are under you Account and pots, if you hide pots you don’t need to see everyday then the VC’s move more into view :slight_smile:

I do agree though that the sgetting started section needs to go, I’m left with the roundups one which you cant get rid of unless you choose to go more than 1x, that in itself is ridiculous


Ah yeah thanks for letting me know :smile:

Unfortunately I have about 20+ visible pots, but I guess I could hide a few more and see if this is any faster.

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