Magsafe accessories

Do you guys know of any Magsafe stands or tripods? - with magnets being built in to the case I ordered for mt 12 Pro max, I’d like to have a stand to prop the phone up and with it being magnetic just sounds like a niche market, of course it’s not just the case with the magnets in either, but the phones too

Not quite exactly what you’re looking for, but moment have some MagSafe mounts for things like tri-pods, which is compatible with existing tri-pods.

I’m surprised this wasn’t a thing ready for the launch…

That’s what I was looking for - guess i’ll wait and see.

They do ship to the U.K., but it’s not cheap. Wait and see is probably best. Apple usually eventually start stocking some of their stuff in U.K. Apple stores and online.

I just want a car mount for now, but the Belkin one seems kinda expensive

If anyone wants/needs a magsafe charger - BT Shop have them!:

Amazon have a 1 month delay and apple is delayed 2-3 weeks (for delivery)

It’s a little confusing as it says in stock, but also that 48 due in 1-2 days

I bought a MagSafe charging cable, and it works well - though you have to have a 20W charger to power it. 7.5W isn’t sufficient.

I did also experiment with sticking my iPhone 12 Pro to the metallic extractor fan casing in my kitchen, and it held pretty well. Meanwhile, pretty sure it would stick to the side of a van if you wanted to take a selfie while you were out and about! I suspect there will be a wealth of products targeting this kind of thing.

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They’ll blame you if iPhone users injure themselves chasing after vans, you know.

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“Catch that van! I want to see if my iPhone sticks to it!”

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I was thinking more on the lines of “Catch that van, my iPhone’s stuck to it!”


You know how you used to wet toilet paper in primary school and throw it to the celling? I can imagine people doing that with the iPhone 12.

Especially TechRax on youtube “In this video, we’re going to be throwing the iphone 12 at vans”

BT appear to have 45 due in 1-2 days and you have no idea how many back orders they have. The price has also risen since yesterday so no guarantee you’ll get one any time soon.

Is the MagSafe charger this popular, or is the production really limited?

When I ordered, it stated “50 due in 1-2 days” I ordered and it shipped the next day

I did order it a day before at £41.87 total, then a day later the price dropped to £40.42 total - so I cancelled the original and re-ordered (I never got a confirmation email for the original order)

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