Macro view of summary

It would be useful to have a macro view of spending for a full year/ defined period.

At the moment it’s hard to get a picture of how my finances are looking year to date for example. I’m not someone who manages money day-to-day but like to ensure that overall trends are on target.

A view similar to a traditional PL would be helpful - For example spending categories to the left and months as columns with the ability to drill into each item.

This could be tracked against targets with ability to view as a graph. Although this would work much better in an iPad app…

Expanding on this you could have a year in review which shows trends in spending/saving/earnings. I’m sure some AI could provide insights as well. The likes of Spotify, Starva, etc. provide similar analysis.


Yeah I’d love to see the Summary for YTD but also week by week too. A month is great and all but I really wish I could get a weekly overview and targets that worked with the monthly one.