MAC Address problem

I thought I was quite IT Savvy but I can’t seem to answer this question.

On my home router I have MAC address filter activated. Now I always thought that MAC addresses were allocated to a device and cannot changed unless spoofed.

So how come If I restore my iPhone for example and reconnect it to my WiFi network. It’s shows as blocked until I approve it. It doesn’t have the same MAC address as previously, same situation with my iPad.

In the wifi settings is this private address selected? If it is then it won’t show the true MAC address of your phone/ iPad when it connects. Just turn it off for your private home network and it will use your actual max address which is the one in Settings - General - About - Wifi Address


That’s why!! Thank you so much.

No worries. Glad sorted!


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If interested in learning @JayJayWM Use private Wi-Fi addresses in iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and watchOS 7 - Apple Support


Cheers bud. I’ll know this in future.

Just a note for anyone who views this thread. This is also a “feature” on Android

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